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He was born to this quite simply.

I have been an activist/journalist for over 30 years. I have expressed myself well for quite some time starting in high school, so well in fact that some folks felt obligated to tell me that I was quite articulate for a Black fella.

I began my activism in college where some in the predominantly White institution weren’t sure us Black folks belonged. But my activism began in earnest in the late 1980’s in Minneapolis fighting for real school desegregation as well as fighting against racism in all kinds of forms.  I was inspired to The anti-apartheid movement of the late 1980’s lit a fire under me as well.

I opposed US interventions in Grenada and Panama along with the recent invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and the bombing of Libya and the overthrow of Mohamar Quadaffi. I have stood on picket lines in lots of union fights and helped organize community support for these struggles in Miami and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul.

I have actively fought discrimination of all kinds through my writing and activism. I have also fought against housing discrimination and opposed gentrification in Minneapolis and Miami’s Overtown.

I have fought police brutality in fact was one of the principle organizers in the effort to get justice for Terrence Franklin and Jamar Clarke and worked with lots of capable organizers to get justice for Philando Castille.

I opposed the wars in Iraq both the first Iraq War and the Second Iraq War as well as the invasion of Afghanistan.

More recently I have worked with the Occupy Movement and it’s off shoot the Occupy Homes movement.  I was part of the group of dedicated community folks that forced the Minneapolis school board to re-open one of our local high schools located in the predominantly black north side of the city.

I have taught radical politics both outside the class room informally and inside high school and college classrooms. I have attempted to mentor young activists and continue to try to cultivate change makers.

I have been a journalist for quite some time and have had over 30 years of practice writing commentary. I actually began writing commentary as far back as college, where I occasionally ruffled the feathers of my peers for their narrowness and provincialism.

Over the years I have served as editor of the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder and the Miami Times both weekly Black journals which along with other more famous newspapers like the Amsterdam News and the Pittsburgh Courier were on the cutting edge of reporting the events and trials of Black America before and during the Civil Rights Movement and serve an important role today informing the Black community about issues and events pertinent to them.

While editor at both periodicals I wrote news stories and news analysis about the issues facing the Black community from police brutality to job discrimination to housing discrimination. If there was a wrong or injustice we covered it, even wrongs aimed at other communities and working class folks.

Over the last 10 years I have written a semi regular column titled “Mellaneous” for the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder in which he tackles the issues of the day especially issues that affect the Black community.

I have fought the good fight and plan to continue to do so!