“You ain’t Black:” Joe Biden punks Black America


Joe Biden made no mistake when he told Charlamagne Tha God, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” He in other words called Black Americans punks and disrespected them to their face, because he knows Black folks may not have enough self-respect, imagination, dignity, or guts to get off the Democratic party plantation— and to a lesser extent the Republican one –and try to do politics on behalf of its collective self interest. But that’s exactly what this wake up call should bring about!

Some of Biden’s still brain washed Negro defenders tried to play it off as a joke, but the joke was on us, which is why Biden was smiling when he said it. He indeed was being “cavalier,” saying out loud what his party has been thinking for decades.

Ironically, while “creepy Joe” insisted that Black people had no choice but to vote for him, he offered Black people absolutely nothing in return.

And some Black liberals like Jamil Smith of the Rolling Stone, tried to make Biden palatable despite his remarks. The sub-headline on the story he wrote about Biden’s arrogant assertion read, “the presumptive Democratic nominee realizes why he still needs to earn the support of Black voters.”

On the contrary, Biden made the statement  because he knows he DOES NOT have to earn the Black vote. The Democrats have not had to earn it for over 60 years.

Historically, Black people are like a collective Charlie Brown, who continue to believe that even after 60 years, Lucy Van Pelt (Democratic Party) will not move the football when they try to kick it though she (they) has done it hundreds of times before. Black people are like a collective of people with obsessive compulsive disorder; or a people who like the  Black people who had been lobotomized in the movie  “GET OUT,” there is a part of them that wants to break free: but just cannot.

The Democratic party does the same thing to Black people over and over and over, yet Black people continually expect different results.

It’s important to note that Biden made his flippant statement when Charlamagne said he had more questions for him. Biden’s response was more like ‘boy don’t ask me no more questions. Just do what you are supposed to do. Fall in line. What you gonna do to work  in the field for massa Donald?’ But massa Joe is still a massa, his plantation may not be as labor intensive, but it’s still a plantation. A conscious slave does not want a better master, she or he wants freedom anyway she or he can get it.

Only a slave with a slave mentality wants a better master!

“We know Joe,” the Uncle Toms lead by Senator Jim Clyburn of South Carolina continue to claim, simply because they spent some time in the same room with this character, or because he granted them some personal favor.

But we too know “Jim Crow Joe!” That Joe was opposed to desegregation, especially the use of busing to make integration of public schools equitable across the board. He nearly single handedly orchestrated one of the most devastating chapters of recent Black history, aptly named by Michelle Alexander as the New Jim Crow: Black mass incarceration.

Further adding insult to injury, he has advertised vetting the “mean witch of the Midwest,” Senator Amy Klobuchar for vice president. And he knows Black folks are not “feeling her” because of her record in Minneapolis, where she certified Black juveniles as adults while locking them up in large numbers. And Black folks and even the media took her to task for her frame up of  then juvenile Myon Burrell. But because Black opinion does not matter, he vetted her anyway.

Unfortunately, the Democrats best candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders lacked the courage of his convictions and refused to fight for the social programs he advocates.

However the Republicans offer more of the “same ole same ole.” Both parties are opposed to a universal public health care system, which would make health care accessible to all. Both parties are appendages of the rich and are carrying out its agenda to privatize everything; public education, the US Post Office and Social Security.

Yesterday they laid down the gauntlet, Blacks in the US came to the proverbial  “fork in the road.”  Black people simply cannot continue to do what they have always done: not after this challenge, this dare by the Democratic front runner. As Malcolm X said ,”you put them [Democrats] first and they put you last. You are a political sucker.”Black people have been deciding elections for Democrats and slavishly voting for them for over 60 years and have received little to nothing  for its devotion.

And make no mistake no one respects anyone, or any people, who do not respect themselves!

Therefore we have nothing to lose but our chains. It will cost us nothing if we refuse to play their game. Ordinary every day working Black folks aren’t going to get anything concrete out of this election anyway.  Biden’s entire program, his entire appeal to Black folks is that he is not Trump.

And is their any tangible difference between “Creepy Joe” and “Disinfectant Don”? Both are looney and both are racist, but with Black friends. And they both will continue running this system on behalf of and in the interests of the ruling rich.

No doubt the Black mis-leadership class, Black  functionaries hustlers and career opportunists will be rewarded and well compensated for their role in keeping us on either plantation and keeping alive the illusion of voting as a substantive difference maker. And yes a few Black organizations and Black folks you thought were radical will be encouraging you to vote for one of the devils as well.

Consequently it will literally cost Black folks– and in reality any other progressive folks in the 99 percent — nothing to break from our slavish devotion to the Democratic party.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that this system doesn’t care about Black folks or even White working class folks and anybody else who doesn’t have money. They sent many to their deaths while putting substantial numbers of  lives at risk, while hypocritically calling us “heroes” and “essential.”

Biden and the Democrats put Black peoples self-respect on the line on Friday. They challenged our collective woman and manhood. Black people have no choice, no alternative, but to organize ourselves into our own party and work with other disaffected people in this society, including People of Color –and yes White workers who want real change– anybody who shares our agenda, which has to be based on social, racial,political and economic justice.

And that party should demand that the country have rather than an election, a REFERENDUM on whether we want to continue with this low down, dirty, filthy, rotten,  stinking, trifling, greedy, thieving, thuggish, murderous, “hatin” system, or throw it out and build one for the people, by the people and of the people.

And people if you can’t do that at least have some self respect and cast a vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE!

justice then peace

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