The system as the anti- Easter: in the aftermath of COVID-19 it should not be resurrected

picket in front of harlem hospital

As crazy and as wild as it may sound to the non religious,  the irreligious, agnostic and atheist Easter has relevance to us all. Clear thinking, honest, rational people with the ability to pay attention have to agree that the government’s inefficient handling of the COVID-19 crisis, while revealing its cavalier lack of concern for our lives,  is cause for a counter resurrection,

Meaning that at the first opportunity this system, this social-political-economic system should be read its last rites, crucified and buried and no one should dare try to resurrect it.

Because we, (well at least us common folks), like Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua ben Yosef, have been put on a cross and left to die by that system that runs our lives called capitalism. The system is literally killing us, it is picking our bones much like birds and the wild dogs did those dying from crucifixion as it slowly crucifies us!

And who can argue that it does not need to be tossed out?

In every arena of society, things are falling apart and worse the corporations and rulers are responding to this emergency with foot dragging, as if this crisis isn’t really an emergency. There have been report after report of the lack of personal protection equipment for nurses and front-line medical personnel. They are literally dying for lack of protection, even now some are working without adequate face masks and face shields are a downright luxury. Yesterday a New York ICU nurse reported that each nurse has to care for 14 patients. A normal load is 5!

Everyday another worker considered essential, but not essential enough to protect  from the virus dies. One company head cynically called workers on the front lines “heroes,” as he and his ilk rake in profits. A Whole Foods store in Chicago reportedly made a million dollars in one week, as their workers went about their jobs literally putting their lives on the line, without masks, face shields or even gloves

Many companies until recently, had not stepped up production of personal protection equipment , ventilators, COVID tests and the myriad of other things that are sorely needed in this crisis. Incredibly, many that are have been taking advantage of the crisis to charge up to ten times the normal price for  lifesaving supplies!

People are literally going hungry, as the media reports farmers pouring out millions of gallons of milk and destroying thousands of pounds of potatoes, peas, green beans and other vegetables they can no longer sell. Trucks that could deliver the goods to the poor and needy, sit idle, because there is a lack of government will to put infrastructure in place to stop this ungodly waste and feed the people!

So-called essential workers are not outfitted in PPE and companies like Amazon have had the nerve to push back and even fire workers who demand their work areas be disinfected and that they be transparent about exposure to fellow employees who test positive for COVID-19.

Jillian Primiano, an emergency room nurse at Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn who joined a rally last week in front of Harlem hospital protesting hospitals’ there lack of supplies, said health care workers feel “left behind by the government.”

Speaking of  being left behind. COVID-19 is killing Black people like flies, primarily because they have the worst health in a society that has done its best to deprive it of everything, but life while some White folks still have the nerve to claim Black folks are just making up racism. Only the opportunistic, the sell-outs and the cowards, in the Black community would want to resurrect this system as it dies.

Even the CDC cannot be trusted. The National Nurses Union last week called out the language the organization used in its latest employer guidelines for allowing employees back to work who have been exposed to, or recovered from COVID-19 . The guidelines require employers to “practice social distancing as work duties permit. They complained that the “as work duties permit” qualifier for social distancing is “a significant loophole that can be easily exploited by employers.”  AFL-CIO  president Richard Trumka  complained that, “these reckless guidelines were not issued to protect workers, but rather to ensure the continuity of business profits. These recommendations will lead to many more deaths of those working on our front lines.”

Jesus death and subsequent resurrection sparked a revolution of sorts, it spawned a new religion and an egalitarian, communal and socialistic community which practiced real human kindness, social justice and social equality. The Bible says they shared all things in common. It’s important to note that not surprisingly, most modern-day Christians reject their forebears social and economic program out of hand, considering it blasphemous.

We can learn from the resurrection story. Jesus followers could not defeat Roman Imperialism head on so they started an ingenious whisper campaign. ‘Jesus did not die,’ they said, but he rose again from the grave. Imagine the powerful Romans frustration. They would say ‘we killed him,’ but his followers kept insisting, ‘no you didn’t.’ And no matter how many Christians they imprisoned, tortured and killed. They could not kill the idea, whose time had come, that is that every human being has value and every human being has a right to be treated equally and with respect and to have their basic needs met.

Like the early Christians we should remind ourselves and everyone around us what happened during this crisis. We should start a whispering campaign! We should remind the rulers at every turn that they exposed our brothers and sisters and had them risk possible death and for what? Money! We should remind them that they were asking us to pay, even as our friends lay dying. We should remind them and ourselves what they did here, shout it out loud when we can, that they killed our brothers and sisters.

We should not let them get away with this CRIME!

The rising of a man from the dead is the raising of the symbolic middle finger to  “the “powers that be.” What it ultimately means is that the State does not have final say. We do!

This system is not inevitable it was not with us in the womb. Things don’t have to be the way they are, anything is possible. We should make damn sure that “the powers that be”  the rulers, the bosses, the corporations,  don’t resurrect this system. And we should begin to put our heads together now and begin to envision what we want to build in its place.

We the people must rise again and claim our rights and our proper place in this world!


Justice then peace

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