What debate? The Democratic Party is the pacifier of the people


The Democratic party is a pacifier. It contains no milk, no milk by products and nothing of material substance.

Like a pacifier it holds the promise of sustenance. Despite our hopes and desires and functions that we project onto the pacifier, it remains what it is, a pacifier which cannot change its make- up.

The pacifier cannot change its function, it simply cannot deliver sustenance and just as importantly, it is not designed to do so.

The pacifier’s goal is to bring comfort and satisfaction in the place of the real thing. And it will succeed until the child’s stomach starts growling.

The pacifier keeps the child from crying out and making demands

The pacifier seeks to deceive its user by looking like a central part (the nipple) of what the child knows will bring real satisfaction.

The pacifier quiets the child who allows itself to be deceived by it

The pacifier is in league with the authority that brought it into the house and because it is inanimate, it can only carry out the will of those in charge. And those in power brought it into the house to deceive and tranquilize the child to keep it quiet and to take the child’s mind off its real desire. The child compromises because at the time it appears to be its best option.

Eventually the child realizes that the pacifier is just that, a device to placate him. I realizes that it does not satisfy his hunger, or thirst, so he tosses it down because the deception does not fulfill his needs especially his empty stomach. It is a placebo.

As the child advances it rejects the pacifier altogether and pushes past any attempt to silence him by shoving it in his mouth. She spits it out and makes her demand, even if she cannot clearly articulate it, she nevertheless, makes it. She has a clear vision of what she wants even if she cannot attain it at this point, she keeps her mind on the prize. She may have her demand rejected altogether, but she holds on to her idealism knowing that as long as she holds on to her  hopes for attaining his ideal, she has a chance of getting it. But she does not return to the pacifier!

When it matures the child becomes certain about one thing: the pacifier can only bring temporary comfort, but not real satisfaction. The pacifier is there to trick him!

Only the underdeveloped child, the child that does not grow continues to try to get what it cannot get from the pacifier.

The fully developed child no longer is satisfied with being fooled or tricked.

However the child blessed with an exceptional  talent for self- deception and a touch of cognitive dissonance  continues to suck on the pacifier knowing that it will not secrete milk, but convinces itself otherwise and continues sucking furiously.

justice then peace

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