“When They See Us” Central Park tragedy exposes a remorseless, unrepentant, unapologetic system

central park five
The picture is an artist rendering of the Exonerated Five, left to right Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Khorey Wise, Yusuf Salaam and Antron McCray in an effort to highlight their humanity

Ava Duvernay put her foot and all ten toes in the film version of the American horror story or what we refer to as the Central Park Five, now the Exonerated Five. The film and the events it depicts, exposed a system which refused to repent for its crimes against these men, one that feels it has nothing to apologize for, to be remorseful about, nor anything for which to be penitent. Because according to the dictates of White Supremacy, the Central Park Five were guilty yesterday, are guilty today and will be guilty tomorrow.

The film and the real life story reveals that while, Raymond SantanaKevin RichardsonAntron McCray,Yusef Salaam and Khorey Wise were referred to as everything except children of God, it was in reality the system and its lackeys that was exposed as thuggish, savage, monstrous, barbaric and downright demonic.  It was “the system” that operated as a “wolf pack” seeking to destroy the lives of five Black youth, out of its predatory need to denude, degrade and denigrate Black life. Thus seeking to assure that everyone catching hell from this system never make common cause with Black folks. One cannot make common cause with “animals,”!

The saga uncovers the sickness hanging over America, unable to accept or face up to its sins, it has sought to project them on to the Black body. Someone has to pay for the sins of this country and it appears that Black people are it. How else to explain this gross miscarriage of justice, civility and decency?

People were shocked by Liam Neeson’s revelation that he believed in Black corporate responsibility, in other words, if one Black is guilty, or commits a crime, then all are guilty and therefore when it comes to punishment, anyone of them will do.

Apparently this is what motivated the response of the criminal justice system to the rape of the White woman and the other attacks that went on that night. The system chose to see them all as guilty, because there is in the parlance of White Supremacy, no such thing as an innocent Black person. Judging from the systems’ treatment of Black juveniles there is also no such thing as a Black child.

The innocence of childhood is even denied to Black folks.

The Central Park case was the Red Summer of 1919, it was the Scottsboro Boys, it was a near lynching, it was Emmit Till all over again, the only difference was the boys lived.

They were half lynched.  Just like the so called bad old days, practically everyone was complicit: law enforcement,  the judicial system, elected officials,  the corporate press whose steady drum beat of racist categorization and disparagement painted them as guilty, before their trials and insisted on their guilt even after exposed the States’ crime. Even Donald Trump publicly advocated for their murder. And much of the public  gave quiet and not so quiet assent to their lynching and even Black people, with the exception of a few brave activists and the Black press stood helplessly by, voicing little to no opposition.

What also stands out is the fact that after the youth’s exoneration, the insistence by some that despite the facts, (which unequivocally proved their innocence) that they were still guilty. And this includes people from every walk of life;  working people, the professionals including the doctors who operated on Meili, the cops, the prosecutors, the corporate press and the victim all pushed back on the declared innocence of these Black men.

Undoubtedly, the clear implication is that there is no such thing as an innocent Black person. Black folks were born guilty.

“I think Reyes ran with that pack of kids. He stayed longer when the others moved on. He completed the assault,” said prosecutor Linda Fairstein after Matias Reyes admitted to the assault. In a letter to the editor of the New York Law Journal, she wrote: “The confessions were not coerced. The questioning was respectful, dignified, carried out according to the letter of the law and with sensitivity to the young age of the men.”

In a New York newspaper story on the tragedy,  incredibly she said at the time, “this was not an Alabama jail where two partners take someone in the back of the jail and they don’t see the light of day for three days.” She continued, “The five went home and had a night’s sleep before they were taken into custody. Nobody was quizzed until a parent or guardian arrived.”

Ironically considering what did happen, the teens may as well have been in Alabama there was no marked difference except geography. New York as Malcolm X told us is located “upsouth.”

But Fairstein is lying and she knows she is lying, but why?

Even the victim Trisha Meili insisted on their guilt! “When that lawsuit was settled, it gave some the impression that the detectives and the prosecutors had acted improperly and I’d like to see it be acknowledged that there wasn’t a violation of (the teens’) civil rights,”  Meili said in a recent interview.  Why is she invested in this narrative? Why is she so sure that the boys were treated fairly? She surely was not there to witness the events.

Meili has even gone on record to say she  believed she was attacked by more than one person, which contradicts her longstanding contention and even testimony that she has absolutely no memory of her attack. What explains her lack of graciousness and compassion towards the young men falsely accused of attacking her?

The New York Daily News claimed that, “critics of the decision…. argue the evidence does not rule them out as possible participants in Meili’s case.” What evidence could that possibly be? There was no physical evidence connect the five to Meili no DNA, no blood, no semen, nothing. The only logical explanation for what is meant by evidence is their Black presence alone was proof of a crime.

Why were so many people and institutions invested in the guilt of these five Black youth?

One explanation for the disconnect, is cognitive dissonance. Frantz Fanon explains it as, “sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable: cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

And was it because taking these boys down from their cross left them with no one to bear the sins of White Supremacy?

What feeds this need to see Blacks as criminals? Is White society imitating primitive society in that if a White life is lost or damaged, a Black one has to be sacrificed to satisfy the gods?

The hard truth few want to confront, or face is Blacks are needed to eliminate Settler guilt for the crimes committed while establishing this country, this guilt is projected onto Black people.

And to ensure empirical evidence to support this theory, the system intentionally established ghettos for the sole purpose of making it as difficult as possible for Black and Brown people within to live.

Consequently they creating impoverished, underserved, under nourished environments almost guaranteeing that the result will produce anti-social nihilists, filled with a burning rage and internalized self- hatred, who will strike out not at their oppressors, but their neighbors. Frantz Fanon noted that they do this because they see the oppressor in one another.

From whence does all these ideas of Black criminality arise? Blacks have no record of giving diseased blankets to Indians, or wiping entire North and South American civilizations off the map. There is no record of Black people transferring human beings in holds of ships packed liked sardines in a can, guaranteeing that a third of their “human” cargo would perish,while not being concerned with losing lives, because their losses were covered by insurance. There is no American Black enforced “Trail of Tears,” no Black mass murder of native peoples including women and children, no record of Blacks lynching Whites. And there is absolutely no record of Blacks murdering millions of Jews in gas chambers and ovens. There is no history of slavery among Black and African people that demanded that humans be treated as chattel (things).

Furthermore there is no corresponding Black Ku Klux Klan, despite FBI’s lies about so-called “Black Identity Extremists.”There are no corresponding Black Rosewood’s, Tulsa’s or Elaine, Arkansas’s involving Black massacres of Whites.

What was it that caused such inhumanity? Deep down most of us know the truth. The task at hand, (should we have the guts to accept it) is to work to create a system in which this kind of thing does not occur, one in which there is no need for scapegoats but provides justice, equality and prosperity for all.

justice then peace

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