Ecuador, UK,  US corporate press, play Julian Assange’s Judas

hands off Assange dont shoot the messenger

It should not have come as a surprise that not long after the Ecuadoran government  received a $4.3 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund it sold out Julian Assange, last week. US Empire and its well paid nationalist scribes “posing” as” objective” journalists have a long memory and they never ever forgive those who expose its criminality, (especially its evil underbelly), so they aim to put Assange on the cross, to serve as a warning to all potential investigative journalists and muckrakers who would dare follow in his footsteps.

While the Ecuadorans cut a deal, the US corporate press (which made a hefty profit from printing Wiki-leaks documents) sold Assange out for much less and have gone on a spurious and unscrupulous campaign of character assassination and defamation. And in doing so have cast off all appearance of objectivity and fairness and have attacked him because he has gored their favorite ox (idol) US Imperialism.

Even the high minded newspaper of record, the New York Times  got in the dirt calling Assange a “scraggily-bearded refugee” Some sophisticated journals have stopped just short of calling him and his mother STANK B—‘s. They may as well have, they have called him just about everything else.

Speaking of “the pot calling the kettle black,” the New York Times in an editorial, accused Assange of having an “outsized view of his own importance.”

But the favored term was narcissist. Clearly they are ignorant of its definition, because practically every corporate news outlet screams look at me, look at me, look at me.

Megan McCain said she wishes “he rot in hell” an interesting choice of words, considering her daddy  John McCain has likely already beat Assange there and would be lucky to only be rotting away.

The National Review seemed to take Wiki Leaks exposures quite personally, but was most honest in explaining why they didn’t like him accusing him of being “anti –American” and described his work as “vile spite” intent on harming the good old USA. Even not so funny Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost got in a dig calling Assange an “internet troll who finally got dragged into the sunlight.”

CNN and along with a few journalists have gone as far as to claim that Assange was not a journalist, but “an activist: “again kettle, meet pot.

CNN and other mainstream news agencies broadcast the beginning stages of the US’s illegal  and immoral war in Iraq as if  they were broadcasting an athletic event. Actually they broadcast it as if they were sitting on the sidelines cheering on their favorite team as missiles rained down on Baghdad, taking human life. And they chose to report on the wars in their initial stages as “embedded” rather than impartial reporters.

CNN, FOX, MSNBC nor any of the US’s trusted news outlets are objective journalists but serve as cheerleaders, advocates and by extension, activists for US Imperialism. One cheers for the conservative wing and the other, the moderate/liberal cabal.

Prostitutes have more integrity!

Oddly the NYT even disparaged the Wiki Leaks founder’s hygiene parroting lies from the Ecuadorans who went as far as to say Assange smeared species in his room. Any distraction from the issue at hand will do. And even if his hygiene was poor it has nothing to do with why he was sold out.

And nothing stinks more than hundreds of thousands of decaying bodies, gallons of dried blood and  hundreds of body parts strewn about and left in the wake of the amoral and immoral intervention in the sovereign countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and its just as immoral drone missile campaign. Nothing is as pernicious and as foul smelling as the US dungeons and the hell hole known as Guantanamo Bay, which wreaks of the sweat, body odor, fear and anguish of tortured human beings.

These organs of capital have lost their cool because Assange has exposed the hype, the hypocrisy, the hatefulness of a country that  preaches the merits of democracy, yet everywhere it undermines democracy and dictates to others, usually at the barrel of a gun.

He has exposed as empty, rhetoric the myth of the US’s enduring  love for humanity, who as Frantz Fanon once said, “are never done talking of Man, yet murder men everywhere they find them, at the corner of every one of their own streets, in all the corners of the globe.”

Highly respected journalist and investigative reporter John Pilger has said that some of the enmity the press has displayed towards the Australian, comes from resentment harbored toward him because his honesty and dedication revealed their “subservience” to power.

Assange’s publication of the secrets of US war and skullduggery passed down to him by Chelsea Manning, shed light on how the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were being conducted.

Consequently, the sound and fury castigating and disparaging Assange has nothing to do with the specious and unsubstantiated charge by the US government of  illegally trying to gain access to a government computer. They are angry because he exposed the true nature of the US conflict in the Middle East.

Moreover, the wars conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan and indirectly in Pakistan, Somalia and Syria are unjust, immoral and racist and are being carried out in the only way a country dedicated to White Supremacy could, that is without regard to civilian lives, because in truth (and Americans learn this from birth) there are no innocent civilians (read “N-g-rs” ) in this case “Sand N –g-r’s.” Incidentally this explains why many White folks and some Black folks quickly fault black folks when gunned down by the cops the N—r had to be guilty of something.

Ultimately, the press and the government are most outraged that Assange released the now infamous video (viewed by tens of millions) of a couple of good ole American boys in a US aircraft killing unarmed Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters reporters below (who they could see clearly) and delivering a double tap in an effort to kill those who came to the aide of the wounded. And the murderers laughed afterward! Assanges’ enemies are angry because that video alone was symbolic of the cavalier attitude that the US has towards the lives of “others,” especially those who are not White!

We remain silent at our own peril. The government and its well- paid lap dogs are playing for keeps! Folks in the US are quietly trading their freedoms for comfort, but ironically in truth, both are temporary and if we continue to bury our heads in the sand we will soon have neither.  If the US government (not WE) is able to successfully bury Assange in one of its dungeons, after making false allegations and charges stick, investigative journalism, journalism critical of empire will be in peril, because one of  the near sacred pillars of our “supposed” democracy will have been damaged, “freedom of the press.”

justice then peace


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