Trump: “US is full” no more Browns, Blacks….


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Obviously President Donald Trump has run out of excuses for denying immigrants and asylum seekers access to the US. His attempts to label them as criminals and rapists and even jihadists,has not been as effective as he and the conservative wing of the US ruling class had hoped. So they have fallen back on an oldie, but goodie,“no more room in the Inn” (country). The message to the asylum seekers and “would-be” immigrants is no more room for your kind.

Most people understand the not so subtle dog whistle, Trump is not really saying there is no room in the country, (only a fool would fall for that lie) but he is intimating that there is no place for the predominantly Brown and dark people flooding the US southern border seeking refuge. Trump said in Las Vegas last weekend, “We can’t take you,” but what he means is we will not take you because we don’t want you.

In other words there is no room in the “promised land” for any “other” people than the “chosen,” the “elect” of the US settler state.

And the situation on the US southern border is criminal. Cages, concentration camps, freezing compounds, poor medical attention, children separated from parents for long stretches can only be described as immoral, indecent and inhumane. How else to explain the treatment of human beings; children, women and men who are running from political oppression, violence, domestic violence, drought and desperate poverty?

Without question there is room! As one of the more recent federal government studies on land usage in the US demonstrated, urban land plus rural residential areas combined occupy only 154 million acres of the country’s nearly 4 billion acres, or a little less than seven percent.

In other words, there is an abundance of unoccupied land and acres and acres of open space and even abandoned lands and homes. In fact many of the asylum seekers have relatives in the country who surely would make room for them.

Someone once wrote, “the US has an immigration dark side, a mean spirited anti-immigrant pulse.”

Ironically, the president, said, “Our country is full” while addressing a group of conservative Jews. One cannot help but wonder if any realized that the same kind of narrow and racist immigration policy caused the US in 1939 to refuse asylum to nearly a thousand Jews escaping persecution in Nazi Germany, turning back the refugee ship The MS St Louis. Many of the refugees eventually wound up murdered in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Despite temptation to point fingers at Trump and the Republicans, this is bi-partisan policy. Mass deportation and the callous and heartless separating of parents from children, occurred under the “hope and change” administration of popular Democratic president Barack Obama.

However its origins go back to the very beginning of the countries founding.

Without question as one historian stated, “The history of …immigration has been one of persistent discrimination, White Supremacy, and overt racism. Each immigrant group that has succeeded in assimilation or integration in becoming American has done so by becoming White.”

In fact the first act of the US Congress, the Naturalization Act of 1790, declared that only free “White persons” of “good moral character” were eligible to become citizens. This of course did not change until 1868 when the 14th Amendment was adopted, giving free Blacks and others, including poor Whites citizenship based on their having been born in the country.

Incidentally in 2018, Trump threatened to sign an executive order ending “birthright citizenship” for babies of non-citizens born on U.S. soil. It does not take much imagination to know that he was not trying to prevent Norwegians citizens from giving birth in the US, thus making their children instant US citizens by law.

US immigration policy has always had a tinge of racism and provincialism. Dating from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, (which is self- explanatory) to the Emergency Quota Act of 1924, which sought to limit the influx of the “unwashed masses” of Eastern and Southern Europe (who were not yet White) immigration has been limiting for those not considered “White.”

Incidentally, while Fox News sought to denigrate the thousands of Central American asylum seekers by mislabeling them as Mexicans, they likely are unaware that the ancestors of many Mexicans were naturalized US citizens and not immigrants, because they remained in the states the US acquired through the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and thus unlike Fox News forebears, were never actually immigrants, but rather citizens.

The US Border Patrol was created in 1925 primarily to stem Mexican immigration.

This was followed by a major campaign known as the Mexican Repatriation during the country’s Depression years (1929-36), in which over half of the Mexican population in the US, whether citizens or not were rounded up, locked up and deported, often at the barrel of a gun. Public places and entire neighborhoods were raided and cordoned off as Mexicans were deported in scenes that had not yet occurred in Nazi Germany.

While these efforts at rounding up and deporting Mexicans were carried out primarily by state and local officials, the campaign had the blessings of the US government led by then president Herbert Hoover. The effort because it was based on race, was essentially “ethnic cleansing.” Similar to modern justification for targeting immigrants, Mexicans were scapegoated and blamed for the economic woes of the country. People supported their mistreatment because jobs were scarce and Mexicans were said to be taking the jobs of native born Americans. (see article below)

Unfortunately most Americans are unaware of this racist history, which is well documented in the book, “Decade Of Betrayal: Mexican Repatriation In The 1930s.”

Ultimately, this blatant lie about being full, is another “divide and rule” ruse designed to convince the White folks in the US that they are right to view the country as a White country, even if the Rich White folks running things don’t always seem to be in league with them, or anybody else that has to work for a living.

justice then peace



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