New Zealand terrorism, Chelsea Clinton and the sickness that runs deep

new zealand terrorist attack


Before the dead in New Zealand victims of a terrorist murder spree could be properly mourned in the United States people had turned their attention away from the “real” victims and turned Chelsea Clinton, a White Christian woman and daughter of a former head of the US government into the victim. This misplaced victimization, along with the US “newspaper of record,” New York Times’ refusal to call the murders, terrorism, along with the insistence on seeing the White assailant as sick rather than a murderous thug, are indications that little self-reflection or inspection of the prejudices of White society will be conducted as a result of this crime.

Just a few days after the attack, it has already been removed from the pages of the US and European mainstream news. There are few signs showing solidarity with the victims of the attack. But there has been lots of commentary surrounding the incident, much of it exposes why these kinds of attacks will likely continue: there is something dark, buried deep in the European subconscious that rejects everything that is not European.

Incidentally, the reason the MSM the Times and others refuse to call the massacre terrorism is not complicated. The US and European countries need Islamaphobia (which is propped up by overstating claims of Muslim terrorism), as justification to continue their pillaging of Muslim countries. By insisting that terrorism is a term that can only be applied when Muslims commit mass murder, the State may be on some unconscious level giving terrorism committed by Whites a kind of justification.

Many, especially conservative media have tried to paint the shooter as someone who is sick.

No doubt someone has to be sick to do something so heinous, but the shooter was inflicted by a sickness, an ailment that is much more pervasive than the bourgeois press wants to let on. Arguably a large segment of European society or White society, which includes New Zealand, Australia Europe and North and South America shares a disdain for the “other.” This disdain allows people who are considered White and primarily Christian to look upon the rest of humanity as an aberration, not a part of God’s planned community of humanity.

The seeds of this sickness are firmly ensconced in Western society, which are used to justify the West’s invasion and destruction of Middle Eastern Muslim countries primarily for oil, other resources and acquisition of new markets. In the US many institutions have contributed to a constant drumbeat of Islamaphobia. Conservative Christian doctrine has labeled Islam as evil, a cult and out of God’s favor. The educational system refuses to give Islamic society its due, while exaggerating the accomplishments of Western society. Even the entertainment industry has added to the climate with its constant diet of Muslim villains in movies, mini series and TV shows. And the US justice department through the FBI has manufactured Islamic bogeyman and fake Muslim terrorist plots that has incidentally sent several innocent Black men to prison over the last two decades. These plots and exaggerated prosecutions all give credence to the proposition that Muslims are dangerous and cannot be trusted.

Apparently this shooter and the Dylan Roof’s of the world took all of this propaganda and hatred for the other to its logical conclusion.

Chelsea Clinton was confronted by a young Palestinian activist when she attended a vigil in support of the survivors of the ChristChurch massacre, who accused Clinton of contributing to the anti-Muslim climate. Clinton’s response was condescending and telling, “I’m so sorry you feel that way,” she responded. She did not ask in what way she had added to the problem, because she knew, but chose to invalidate and discredit the questioner’s position by attributing it to a feeling, rather than a fact. She went on to explain that it was never her intention to cause harm and she recognized that “words matter”

The students are right to place some of the blame at Clinton’s feet because falsely accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism opened the door for Omar to be attacked because she is Muslim.

Incidentally it is particularly misguided to center anti-Jewish hatred in the Black community. Few Blacks have the power to make the lives of Jewish people miserable. It is the anti- Jewish hatred of Europeans in general and White people in particular that have resulted in real harm to Jews. And in fact it has been people who call themselves White, Europeans, not Black Africans, who since the Middle Ages have committed pogroms, genocide and other violence against Jews.

Clinton, by tweeting that Omar was anti-semitic played into anti-Black and anti Muslim  tropes/propaganda, the narrative that says Black people are bad and are somehow represent everything bad in the world, along with the anti Muslim propaganda that precludes that all Muslims are anti-Jewish.

Her tweet said anti-semitism had no place in public office, but the US government is anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim. Where does she think invading and attacking and bombing Muslims countries indiscriminately comes from?

The New Zealand terrorist massacre was not the result of someone who had briefly lost his mind, he took time to write and explain why he was doing what he was doing. Notably he commented quite a bit about the idea of Europeans being replaced by darker immigrants. He cited inspiration from Donald Trump and even the self hating, historical revisionist  and so-called Black conservative Candace Owens, proving that words do count. Ironically for a few dollars, Owens is providing justification to racists and bigots, who if she succeeds in inspiring them, will put a rope around her neck as well.

“We only look at fires, but we smell the burning smoke for miles and miles away and we ignore it,” Abbas Barzegar, of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), said after the attack.

We ignore the smoke at our own peril. Those in power want to build a society in which we are purposely set upon one another, so they can continue to exploit and rob us until there is nothing left. Ultimately we regular folks will have to make a choice, we will have to move beyond words we will have to decide if we want to live together as fellow human beings or continue on the path that will lead to our mutual destruction.


justice then peace


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