Kavanaugh saga exposes the nation’s true view of women

kavanaugh hearing


The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation saga is proof that the barbarians are winning, the most civilized of all nations the most arrogant locale on planet earth has absolutely and unequivocally made it clear that is unfit for the designation of civilized, let alone” light” of the so-called “developed world.” American exceptionalism indeed!

Fittingly, a privileged rich White man seeking confirmation for the highest court in the land is a liar, who likes alcohol more than the truth. He has refused to make any concessions in the wake of accusations brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford because he understands that he is entitled. He hasn’t earned a damned thing, but according to the rules of this nation, which give more points to the privileged, pampered and the powerful, this position is almost his birthright.

The question that cannot be ignored is, why in the midst of all this controversy ( which at bottom is about Kavanaugh’s character)  are the Republicans sticking with him? After all there were about two dozen conservative jurists that are all opposed to a woman’s right to choose, which is what Trumps ability to appoint a Supreme Court justice is primarily all about. The apparent answer is twofold: Kavanaugh is one of them and the conservatives are throwing a symbolic middle “finger” at women. They appear to be saying,’ we hear you, but we do not care, you simply don’t matter that much and after all, “boys will be boys.”’

In sticking with Kavanaugh the conservative wing of the ruling bourgeoisie are throwing down the gauntlet; we run a misogynist, patriarchal, sexist joint what are you going to do about it,: write an angry tweet, write a FB post, hold a rally and invite our elected liberal brothers and sisters who agree that this is terrible, but don’t have the guts or the motivation to do anything real about it?

A civilized republic would have told  Kavanaugh to “take a seat”, not on the Supreme Court and not on a federal bench, but maybe on a psychiatrist couch or on a pew and learn what it means to be a human being.

A civilized society would have found some way of sparing Dr. Blasey Ford the pain of reliving her victimization over and over and the indignity of airing her pain and subsequently having it thrown in her face by people occupying offices of power.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no two sides to this issue. The bourgeois press MSM promotes that idea to sell advertising. Something happened to Dr. Blasey Ford involving Kavanaugh and we all know it. Surely if she was unhinged it would have been revealed by now, considering the microscopic scrutiny the Republican cabal have subjected her to, in their efforts to discredit her.

Historically, the only proven circumstances, in which a woman would publicly lie in such a way, occurred during the period of chattel slavery and the subsequent period of neo slavery, popularly known as Jim Crow, when it was not uncommon for a White woman to accuse a Black man of rape once their consensual liaison had been discovered.

Ironically, in 1899 following one of the more horrifying instances of  US domestic terrorism (lynching)  in which Sam Hose an an African American  (who was accused of killing a White man and raping his wife), was castrated along with having his body parts cut off and burned alive, one of thousands in attendance posted a sign saying, “We must protect our ladies”  

Dr. Blasey Ford is not crazy, Kavanaugh assaulted her. The proper thing for Kavanaugh to have done, (what we would have wanted our children to have done in this situation), is to simply tell the truth and admit what he did and apologize, or if because of his drinking he sincerely did not remember, apologize anyway and decline the nomination. Someone with the ability to own up to, make amends (where possible) and take responsibility for their past misdeeds and mistakes may just be the kind of person we would want sitting in judgment of us.

This should be a wakeup call to women in this country. The system is clearly saying, ‘if you want the trinkets, the stuff that makes for a nice quiet upper middle class life, you have to put up with a little misogyny, a little patriarchy, a little sexism and this inhumane and uncaring system.’

A number of women have steadfastly refused to believe a member of their own sex, their own group and have sided with those denigrating Dr. Blasey Ford, begging the question, what’s in it for them?

According to the women haters, (whose numbers ironically, include some women) the women reporting sexual misconduct  either do so supposedly too late, are too loose, or too powerless to be believed. Conversely the men committing the acts are either too rich, too privileged, too connected and yes some too White to be guilty.

Women of all races jumped on folks with both feet who dared suggest that Bill Cosby was a victim of judicial double standard, or that maybe it was a little harsh to sentence an 81 year old man to prison and not a country club. And they were right to do so; Cosby sealed his own fate and is sowing what he has reaped.

Consequently, women of all races ought also be willing to take those same feet and stomp into oblivion the system that almost allowed Cosby to get away with his crimes and most likely will find a way to let the Harvey Weinstein’s, Leslie Moonves’ and the Matt Laurer’s of the world either get off entirely, or with just a slap on the wrist. They ought to take those same feet and do whatever is necessary to bring to its knees a system that insists on putting on its highest court, an unrepentant liar.

This is not going away. Either women and other oppressed folks in this society come together to create a new society, a society in which we learn how to be human beings and treat one another as human beings, allowing everyone the dignity and respect they deserve, or we are all going down.


Justice then peace

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