Reaction to Chanhassen Minnesota police shooting reveals hypocrisy and double standard by many Whites

archer amorosi


A teenager Archer Amorosi (pictured) was killed by police in a Minneapolis suburb (Chanhassen) today. The response of predominantly White Twin Citians on some social media was quite revealing, as the overwhelming majority of those commenting cautioned others to wait for the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

“Don’t rush to judgment,” wrote one commenter. Another said “let’s hear both sides.”Get all the facts before making any judgments,” wrote yet another, (see KARE11 FB comments below)

However when it comes to incidents involving Black people and “others” there is practically always a rush to judgment and that indictment insists that if a Black person is involved, they are usually presumed  (by the same crowd)  guilty: of something.

This is evidenced by all of the racist inspired 911 calls that have occurred around the country calling the police on Black people picnicking, selling water, campaigning, buying coffee, shopping, walking, running, relaxing in their University lounge, trying to enjoy the pool, checking up on their real estate, pulling into their gated neighborhood, going into their own driveways, entering their homes, and for simply breathing while encased in Black skin covering.

Buttttt… these same people are the very beacons of fair play, arbiters of objectivity, principled practitioners of patience when it comes to the actions of law enforcement, especially when they have gone above and beyond the law (we think)  and caused injury to a citizen.

While this self-assured group cautions folks to wait for the facts, oddly some of the social media commenters made up their own facts, or added just enough to favor what surely will be the cop’s position that they had no choice but to kill the teen.

Several said the teen had a gun, while no reports have said he had a gun. One of his parents said he may have had a pellet gun. Others while insisting that everyone ‘wait for the facts,’ have chimed in that the teen did not follow the police’ instructions. Still others while still insisting everyone ‘wait for the facts’ insist that police had no choice. The obvious response to that is, how do you know we don’t have the facts yet.

One brave young woman wrote responding to all of the fake objectivity, (which really is a way of siding with the status quo, the police) wrote, “I ‘will’ blame the police. This is not acceptable. This was a CHILD.” She got a few dozen not so polite responses. She was accused of “being off her meds” by one irate commentor.

Yet another responder tried to shame her for her so-called rush to judgment and called her comments “inappropriate.” How so? She simply added a different opinion, which countered the many supposedly “objective” voices that were supporting the cops, under the guise of neutrality.

Yet another brave person offered this opinion, (which in the land of the brave and home of the free got no likes.) “I’m simply saying innocent until proven guilty should work BOTH ways…with citizens and law enforcement. Period.” But it made sense that she got no likes, because many in the majority only  believe in the assumption of innocence for the cops and the system they represent,  everyone else is guilty until proven innocent. Its why despite the MSM’s protestations of innocence, they almost always seek to impugn the character of those who are abused by the police, or the system. As upholders of the status quo, (under the cover of objectivity) they are saying in essence that the victim got what they deserved from a fair and upright system.  Because as everyone knows this system would never harm, defraud, injure anyone who didn’t have it coming.

Yet another upstanding, kind, liberal responded to the woman who insisted that the child should not have been killed saying.” I’m sorry a teenager lost his life but no cop wants to ever fire their weapon, let alone at a kid.” And she knows this how?

The burning question is why did so few of the presumably suburban White commenters defend the dead teen who according to reports was suffering from some kind of mental crises?

A reasonable explanation, is that these suburbanites, (whatever the facts) don’t want to blame the police because,  ‘we need them on our side to make sure those unwanted folks don’t encroach on our neighborhood,  and to regulate their comings and goings.’

Moreover the social media responses reveal a kind of cowardice on the part of many in the White community. Apparently they are willing to give the cops the benefit of the doubt, and not fellow citizens; rather than holding to the idea that the teenager’s life was sacrosanct and the principle that all life is sacred and because of that other alternatives should have been considered before killing him.

Apparently, white folks are afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. They are hesitant to blame the system from which many gain some benefit and preferential treatment. They really believe the police exist to “serve and protect” them especially if they are middle to upper class. While it is partially true, as any Black person knows who has been caught in an upscale predominantly White neighborhood after dark  and pulled over by police(sometimes as was illustrated in Edina, MN over a year ago they don’t wait until dark), there is a caveat. Many simply don’t want to face the reality that in the US if you are not a part of .01 percent you too can be victimized, that truth is simply too painful to admit to oneself!

Some people are also hesitant to blame the cops because they are afraid of what it might mean to their carefully constructed worldview. If the cops are indeed potential predators, who do take the law into their own hands, one has to question the justness, the fairness, of a society that allows such a thing.

Incidentally, even some People of Color don’t understand the effects of indoctrination and propaganda in a philosophically capitalist and White Supremacist society. Not only are Whites programmed to be anti-Black, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and yes anti- homosexual and anti- women, but also anti-themselves, even their own best interests.

As evidenced by this incident much of the US majority’s internal programming even inhibits their ability to defend their own children!

If the majority community does not resist its programming, and face the truth of the system they live under, it will find itself continually justifying the murders and mistreatment of its own children to its own detriment and may realize too late that its future depends on cooperation with the victims of this social, political, educational system and not the system.


justice then peace

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