Meghan Markle, royal wedding can’t cover up the crimes of British Empire

royal wedding empty seat
The empty seat represents the millions of victims of the British crown, British colonialism and British Imperialism

Hold on, the would-be subjects of the British crown (if it were not for the successful American revolution) tuned in by the millions to watch a royal wedding? Did Black people, especially Black women “act the fool” over the marriage of a British monarch to a “slightly” Black woman?

The “bi-racial” Meghan Markle may be confused, but why were so many Black people and working class people romanticizing British Empire? Incidentally there is nothing confusing about the heritage of the family she married into, it includes a litany of just plain evil.

That’s right,evil! Who in the hell do folks think these people are or come from? They are not some innocuous, loving family from, down the street or “round the way,” these people are the representatives of British Empire, which is synonymous with evil. How else does one explain a legacy of genocide, slavery and colonialism?

The British monarchy was directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths and misery of millions, primarily People of Color and enriched itself in the process.  The real legacy of the British crown is covered in blood and hounded by the cries of the vanquished.

Without the African slave trade and the siphoning off of the wealth of its colonial possessions, this wedding would have taken place in a farm house.

Celebrating the royal wedding is akin to celebrating the coming together of the offspring of Jack the Ripper, or Charles Manson’s son taking a bride, who could watch without recalling the bloody history of their forebears.

The victims of British colonialism, British genocide and British enslavement must have  turned in their graves!

Yet 30 million US viewers agreed with the MSM, (the rulers Fourth Estate), which deemed this distraction from the suffering of the Gazans, a school shooting in Texas, teachers rebellions, domestic racism and pressing issues affecting the working class, to be more important.

This wedding and overhyped marriage, cannot overcome the stench of the former British Empire. “The sun never sets on the British Empire,” they once bragged about their Cartel, built on the backs of slaves, colonial subjects and underpaid and overworked workers. A more apt description would be as the English socialist Earnest Jones put it, “the blood never dried” in the British Empire.

Disguised as a “civilizing mission” and “The White Man’s Burden” (colonialism as moral duty of white men)  present day Great Britain exists because it underdeveloped and stripped the mineral, material and natural wealth of their colonies in India, Africa, Asia and the Americas to enrich themselves. They committed atrocities, massacres and ethnic cleansing, while allowing for famines (Ireland, India) and fomenting strife and division among  their colonized subjects.

As part of their civilizing mission, they peddled opium to the Chinese, infected the aboriginal population of Australia with small pox, slaughtered nearly 400 natives of colonial India in one day who were peaceably assembling. The concentration camp was not a Nazi invention, but a British one, instituted by the colonialist to keep the South African Boers and Africans in line. It was also used to stifle Kenyan’s fight for independence. Historians note that tens and thousands died in these camps, others were tortured or murdered outright as the British tried to put down the Mau Mau rebellion. And the Brits are still playing imperialist games alongside US Imperialism today.

The British did not outlaw slavery in their colonies outright, as the revisionists would like folks to think. Slavery in the West Indies ended with the caveat that slaves had to work for their master another four years, before they were to be set free.

And not only did they force the Africans to pay for their freedom, but the British also compensated the slave-owners for their loss. In fact because of this compensation the British slaveholders are known, because they were recorded in order to receive compensation for loss property.

Property is what slaves were, thus the term “chattel.” Americans and Brits like to think of slavery in the same vein as ancient and feudal slavery, in which slaves could sometimes advance and were always  viewed as human beings.  In denying African slaves their obvious humanity, the British crown and other Europeans committed one of the most dastardly and diabolical crimes/evils known to humanity.

Incredibly, less than 200 years later an African American woman and descendant of  African slaves managed to write a New York Times editorial in the midst of all this backwardness entitled, “Thanks Meghan Markle We needed that.”  (see below) The author Mara Gay is a bi-racial woman (according to her commentary) and a member of the New York Times editorial board, which likely tells us all we need to know about Ms Gay.

The author wrote that she cried while watching the wedding, because she didn’t want to buy-in to, “this excruciatingly fragile hopefulness about what is possible for a black woman, …”  And she added. “And now this silly British wedding has this American tomboy thinking about dreams I put away when my country’s betrayal of us became clear. Now I’m imagining the day when we wake up and remember who we want to be.”

So this is what the struggle for dignity, freedom and equality has been about, allowing  Black woman access to the blood stained British throne?

Silly is how best to describe this sentimental, fantastical, borderline “cooning” of an editorial.

More confusing and backward words have seldom been written. This country never betrayed Black folks, it has always been straightforward about its views about Black people, and their place in this society . And what dreams is the author referring to?  Does Ms. Gay too, want to marry a royal or even more insidious, take their place as exploiters and oppressors. Surely most African Americans don’t share that ambition.

And the irony of Black folks celebrating Markle is she doesn’t  appear to want to celebrate them, which, may explain why she insists on calling herself biracial. Ironically, It is the bourgeoisie, Big Business press that insists that she is Black!

And even the feminists got caught up in this foolishness. Markle is constantly referred to as feminist, but she married into the most misogynistic, patriarchal and sexist  family on the planet; the British crown.

And what’s a celebration of European power without an African preacher there to give it blessings! Incredible, preaching love to the modern day slavers!

According to Ms Gaye, “We went to church on Saturday, all of us, and caught the Meghan and Harry spirit.” Needless to say if the royal wedding was her idea of the very positive, very Black expression of “going to church,” then she is more confused than most.  And Gay is gravely mistaken about the spirits present at that wedding, those were not  spirits, those were the demons of confusion and of British colonialism and British Imperialism.

justice then peace

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