The Cosby case: Is White Supremacy tainting  Black folks ability to be moral, fair and rational?

Bill Cosby

William Cosby being found guilty by a Philadelphia jury of rape has caused quite a bit of consternation and wild eyed speculation in many corners, especially in the Black community. Some of what has been said is downright astounding and is proof that White Supremacy is hindering some folks ability to make sound judgments.

A jury found Cosby guilty of rape, which of course is tainted because the so-called justice system is tainted, by sexism, racism and classism. So truth is, nobody short of Cosby and his accusers know the whole sordid truth about what happened between them.

However what we ought to agree on is that if Cosby indeed did these dastardly deed  (which if indeed the result of a conspiracy it would be quite a colossal one, considering how many women have come forward) he should be punished. That means no ifs, or buts. A rapist ought to suffer consequences and should be taken out of the community and given help if need be or aided in understanding why they did what they did so they will not do it again.

And this is where it gets tricky. Most of us know that we live in a racist society and thus anything  reported in the Big Business press and Whites making accusations against Blacks ought to be considered in that context.

As a result Cosby has his defenders. And this has merit and adds doubt to his possible guilt because of the sordid history of White women lying on Black men.

But in this case some of his accusers were Black women.

For some defenders of Cosby that will not matter, because they secretly and not so secretly hold misogynist and sexist views and despise women, especially Black women.  Ironically that list even includes a few misguided and self- hating women. They should be ashamed, but more likely this case has reinforced their disdain for so-called lying “B’s”and “H’s.”

And God help those who said women who get inebriated in the presence of men deserve whatever they get.

Then there are women who have used this to take to social media to denigrate all men, especially Black men.  Of course some Black men are indeed shiftless, trifling and “aint about nothing” but if we want to get to the bottom of this problem we have to change the patriarchal/misogynist system that has programmed them to act a certain way. And these folks ought also to keep in mind that these “good for nothing” Black men were raised by Black mothers, which is further proof that sexism, misogyny and patriarchy is “in the water” (so to speak) because why would mothers work against the best interests of their sex. This crowd wants to hang Cosby because of course he did it, all men, especially Black men are dogs anyway.

And then there is the crowd that comes very close to insinuating that, ‘well since White men have been allowed to get away with raping and brutalizing women shouldn’t Cosby be able to get away with it as well.’  Think about how that sounds?  if Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Matt Lauer got away with raping my sisters then surely Bill Cosby should be allowed to do so as well.

Not only is it a short sighted argument, it is immoral. Every rapist dog should be punished no matter their color, status or even sex.

The way to solve injustice is not to call for more injustice, but to fight for justice, and a justice system that treats all predators equally and puts them all in jail.

Speaking of irrationality, there have been folks who said Cosby’s efforts to purchase interest in NBC caused a backlash prompting the power structure to organize a few dozen women to accuse him of rape. Of course the irony is, in capitalist US anything is indeed possible.

But Cosby was no threat to the power structure. About a decade ago he was the darling of the mass media as he took every opportunity to criticize poor Black people especially Black mothers. The kind “Popsicle pusher” never passed up a chance to “drag” Black women struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table.

Those who need more convincing  ought to read his 2004 “Pound Cake” speech at the 2004 NAACP Convention, in which he let capitalism and White Supremacy off the hook for the outcomes resulting from its discriminatory practices, saying the Black poor’s problem stemmed only from a “culture of poverty.”

Incidentally, the speech was coined the “Pound Cake” speech because he attempted to minimize the problem of police violence and instead blamed the victim. “People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! And then we all run out and are outraged, ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?” said Cosby.

The entertainer turned moralist, also attacked single Black women with children, suggesting they should be stigmatized. “No longer is a person embarrassed because they’re pregnant without a husband… In the old days, a girl getting pregnant had to go down South, and then her mother would go down to get her.”

He even made fun of the names of Black folks and demonstrated utter contempt toward the Black working class and poor

This should not have come as big surprise as Cosby seldom used his very public platform to take on racism. “While Cosby took full advantage of the civil rights struggle, he resolutely denied it a seat at his artistic table.” Wrote Michael Eric Dyson in his book “Is Bill Cosby right ? Or has the Black Middle Class lost its Mind”  rebuking Cosby and the Black middle class that sought to defend his attack on the Black poor.

If we are honest Cosby stopped being one of us regular folks a long time ago!

He was no revolutionary hero attempting to lead Black people to the promised land, nor was he a scapegoat of White Supremacy, nor is he the devils minion he is simply to borrow a theological term a “fallen” human being.  And yes a hypocrite!

And yes credit should be given to the comedian’s positive portrayal of Black folks over the years and the fact that at different times he educated entertained and sometimes inspired us.

We live in a racist society and no doubt the system could have found him easier to “offer up,” (as they have too often failed to do with White rapists) because he is Black.

Nevertheless  we should not be blinded by the dim light of White disdain for all things Black and allow this case to keep us from acknowledging that, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong!

Whatever the whole truth, Cosby’s actions demonstrate a casual contempt for women and a lackadaisical attitude about his commitment to his very Black wife Camille, who has stood by him throughout.

Assigning sainthood, divinity and perfection to Black people just because they have power, wealth and/or influence, (the Obama phenomenon)   has not only become a bad habit but is downright  dangerous. It is borderline infantile and Black folks ought to know better.

And make no mistake the enemies of Black folks have taken notice. They have noticed how easy it has become for Black people to be “taken in” by potential charlatans. This does not bode well for the future of Black America as the power structure continues to plot its demise.

Black folks especially should refuse to allow the ravages of White Supremacy to cloud its good judgment! Blacks in the public eye are as fallen, as fallible and as human as anybody else.

justice then peace

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