Sacramento police shooting: was Stephon Clark a “super N—er”


As ridiculous as this headline reads, its indicative of the “apparent” insanity that surrounds the shooting of Stephon Clark by Sacramento police, last Sunday night. Either this shooting is an intentional function of the system we hold so dear, or Clark was a “Super Ni–er.”

So here we are again, trying to make sense of another shooting by law enforcement that makes absolutely no sense, to sane people.  Of course it probably will make sense to the so called “law and order” crowd, the “cop’s always right crowd,” the haters, who likely also hate themselves. But that crowd cannot help themselves, what more can one expect from these victims of poor parenting and poor home training, who were likely taught at home to be unempathetic, unsympathetic, uncaring, bigoted and hateful.

However, the shooting and its aftermath, make no sense, unless Clark was a super Ni–er! How else do you explain the police searching for someone who may have been armed with a pipe?

How else can one explain the cop’s belief that Clark was a perceived threat, when they were armed with guns that held ten shots each and he was thought to have a toolbar?

The cops really must have thought he was “super Ni—er” whose cell phone contained a death ray or deadly laser. How else can one explain their thinking?

Of course Clark was a “super Ni—er” because how else can the police’s behavior and questioning of him as he lay dead, or dying be explained?

If Clark wasn’t a “super Ni—er” how else can one explain the fact that after the cops shot him multiple times, they assumed he was still a threat, shouting,“show me your hands?”

After pumping at least a dozen bullets into Clark, one of the killers turned to the other and suggests a “tactical reload,” because the apparent “super Ni—er” was probably just lying there stunned.

Then the shooters ask him, “Hey can you hear us.” A female officer asks incredibly, “We need to know if you are ok.” And then just as incredibly she says, “We can’t go over there and give you help, unless we know you don’t have your weapon.” Only a “super Ni—er” would be able to hear them, while continuing to hold on to a weapon and be ok, after being shot multiple times.

Just as incredible one of the shooters can be heard telling a supervisor on the scene, “He was still pointing.” Only a “super Ni—er” could still be pointing after getting shot up.

Incidentally, none of the cops administered first aid, after they did go over to him.

In a longer video, the cops can be heard asking for a non-lethal weapon, so they could approach the already dead young man, because of course the “super Ni—er” is likely not dead!

Beyond their obvious perception that Black folks don’t feel pain (even the Black officer who shot him must have believed the propaganda) what demonstrates that something is clearly warped about law enforcement in the US, is the fact that the cops placed handcuffs on a dead man.

Did they expect him to rise from the grave and give them their proper retribution?

Among most civilized folks, handcuffing a dead person would be considered a kind of desecration, but in the US with a straight and earnest face those in charge of the killers (the police) will look directly into the camera and say ‘that’s standard procedure,” ( especially when dealing with Super N—ers).

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