Government shutdown: Don’t poor folks children count?


So the US Congress that has been practically throwing money at rich folks and their corporations, is shut down over a spending Bill? They have  given huge tax cuts to the ultra-rich and filthy, while handing billions to the defense industry,  but they have shut “their” government down because they cannot agree on  whether to extend funding  for medical care for poor children (CHIP), or to continue DACA?

Tough decision indeed: should we provide medical care for poor children, or should we treat the children of immigrants the way we would like to be treated, if we were in their place? If this country were made up of civilized people, we would see this as immoral. But some folks actually think there is something legitimate about this fake impasse and others are just too beat down, too listless, too apathetic, or just too busy to care.

People ought to get as excited about this as they did about President Trump’s vile, vulgar and profane reference to Africa and Haiti. This is  just as vile just as vulgar and just as profane.

The people who believe these people are really representatives of “the people” should start a call in campaign to tell these posers to, pass the damned bills. Where is your shame, folks should ask.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a health care program for uninsured children whose parents do not qualify for Medicaid because they make more than the minimum required to be considered “officially” poor.

President Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992 on a promise to provide Americans with a real Universal Health Care package that would provide health care to everyone. His attempt to push through a health care reform package in 1993 (which was markedly better and more progressive than Obama Care) was met by stiff opposition from conservatives and the Health Insurance Industry, which spent millions to derail it.

CHIP came about as a concession, made by the ruling class in response to the continued push by the US public for Universal single payer Health throughout Clinton’s first tenure, that extended to the 1996 election campaign.

Some people have been quick to point out that the current president is not their president, of course he is not and neither were his predecessors, despite what folks want to believe.  The truth is the shut down of the government by the so-called representatives of the people of the US is further proof that the Congress is not your Congress either.

This should be a “teachable” moment.

They, the US Congress, past and present are really representatives of the moneyed class, the corporations, the Big Banks, Wall Street, the super- rich, who have robbed us in every way possible.  They have allowed their pharmaceuticals to make addicts out of our youth. They continue to use working people and their children as cannon fodder for their wars. They refuse to give us real health care reform,which would be single payer Universal Health Care. And now they are playing games with poor children’s health care and the children of immigrants, whose parent’s contributions to this country have earned their right to stay.

Showing there is no depth to which they will not stoop, there are rumors that some conservatives view CHIP as an entitlement.  In other words, the ability for working people’s children to breathe, to be healthy, is an entitlement? Imagine that; the ability to draw breathe in a country claiming to be the home of “the free and the brave” considered an entitlement. Yet these same people voted to give their class allies big tax cuts. What entitled them to it? After all they already claim the lion’s share of what workers produce.

US Senator Orrin Hatch was quoted recently saying, “I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves – won’t lift a finger – and expect the federal government to do everything.”

Ironically those words more fittingly describe US corporations and the super rich who treat the US treasury like their own personal bank.

Supposedly the impasse was created by the Democrats who refuse to pass the Republicans recommendation to extend CHIP for six years, but they are balking to get more leverage on DACA. But while the Republicans appear charitable for wanting to extend CHIP they also want to reduce the Medicare budget and some of the real benefits in the Obama Care program.

Some may applaud the Democrats and hail them for their concern for the children of immigrants, but it should not have come to this in the first place.  They had an earlier opportunity to pass the CHIP extension, which was a bi-partisan compromise from its onset. They could have extended DACA as well.

DACA like CHIP was a concession, to demands (protest in the streets) for full citizenship for immigrants living in the US. It was the compromise brought about after the DREAM ACT proposal, which (though it was supported by the people), the “people’s representatives” refused to pass it in 2007, 2011 and 2013.

Making matters worse, some  Democrats are talking about giving in to Trumps foolish border wall.

“It’s not about a wall. We’ll build him a wall. Tell us how high you want it, but free the Dreamers,” said Rep. Luis Guitterez. Does Guitterez really believe the young people calling themselves DREAMERS would support such a compromise? One that basic says its okay to shut the door of  Mexican immigration behind them.

“There is the lack of appreciation, or simply the fact of really caring, of what the human consequences could be,” observed a long time lobbyist in an Vox article on the statement.

This is not your government!  We can dream on! Everyday working people simply wouldn’t do this (well at least the majority would not)!  They would have instituted Universal Single Payer Healthcare for all and would have opened the door for humane immigration, that would have figured out how to share all of this country’s wealth in a way that would benefit even newcomers, remembering that we were all once immigrants or children of immigrants.

justice then peace

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