‘We shot him to save him’ Minneapolis police echo European Native civilizing mission

Minneapolis police


Last week in Minneapolis police shot a young Black teen Marcus Fischer who was attempting to kill himself. The head of the police federation Bob Kroll told the press that his cohorts shot the teen “in order to save him” and described his colleagues actions as “heroic. “As ludicrous as this appears, this mentality of injuring the native to save him has historic significance and has been a part of European settlers attitude toward non -White peoples and those they consider inferior.

Kroll nor the leadership of the Minneapolis police (headed incidentally by a Black man)  appear to see the obvious contradiction in the idea of shooting someone to save them. But Kroll insisted in interviews with the local press that, “The man could have bled to death had officers not used force to subdue him.”

However the force he is referring to are bullets fired into the torso of the person they were supposedly trying to save. According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), two policemen fired multiple shots at the youth. “Clearly what this suspect wanted was suicide by cop and these cops did everything they could to prevent that,” Kroll said.

Kroll’s story of heroic cops is inconsistent with initial reports that the 18 year old was shot because he lunged at them and later the BCA said he walked toward them.

The cops filled him with bullets and he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition AS A RESULT OF BEING SHOT. According to police, he stabbed himself in the chest but he had also cut his wrists making even less likely that he was ever a threat to them.

This is no doubt a strange way to try to save someone who is trying to injure themselves, it appears that it’s more likely the cops were trying to help him carry out his suicide attempt.

An easy way to test the validity of this idea is to ask Kroll and his fellow working class sellouts (cops) if this is how they would want the situation handled if it was their son or relative. The answer of course would be a resounding; NO.  This was tantamount to responding to someone’s threat to jump off a tall building or bridge, by pushing them.

Kroll’s words offer insight into his mentality, which is one shared by the system that we love more than ourselves. The only way you can save savages is by partially destroying them. The kid was not viewed as a human being by the cops, but just another ni–r . How else to explain this double standard?

However this kind of thinking has historical precedent.

One of the more outrageous atrocities committed during the US’s criminal and near genocidal intervention in the affairs of the Vietnamese in the 1960’s through 1973 was the bombing of the South Vietnamese village of Ben Tra.

When asked why the village was bombed knowing that it was inhabited by thousands of civilians, which  ultimately caused  hundreds of deaths, an Army major responded with the now infamous,” we had to destroy the village to save it.” The village had been infiltrated by North Vietnamese irregular troops the Viet Cong and to get rid of them the US commanders decided to ignore the risk to civilians and mercilessly bombarded Ben Tra.

The callous disregard for Vietnamese life exposed the lie about the US’s honorable intentions on aiding the Vietnamese. The truth is the US was there for its own selfish reasons expanding world dominance and to a lesser extent its market.

In a similar vein the European settlers of the US sought to do the same with Native Americans when they stole Native children from their parents beginning in the 1880’s and sent them off to boarding schools in order to “civilize them.”  According to the Army officer Richard Pratt who helped institute the schools the idea was “to kill the Indian but save the man.” This was a step up from the philosophy that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” that encouraged the resulting genocide motivated by the settlers desire to take the Natives land.

In the same vein People of Color who appear and act more White than  Black (“Colored”) are sometimes showered with effusive praise by those who believe Whiteness is the gold standard of humanity.  Their praise is accompanied by hints that they are almost there, now all they have to do is get rid of all vestiges of their ethnicity.

Ultimately the real irony in all of this is that the barbarians who have calmly believed their own outrageous lies and Kroll’s fairy tale, think they are the civilized ones.

justice then peace


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