Slave Trade in Libya? But the US liberated it; right?

African agonizing over Libyan slave trade
While the fact of slavery gong on Libya has made news recently there is evidence that it has been going on since 2105


As incredible as it sounds it has been confirmed, Africans are being placed in slave auctions and are being bought and sold in Libya. While some attribute it to the idea that we are going backwards, it is not “we” but rather the decisions of empire in Europe and the US which have brought this scourge back to Africa’s doorstep.

Africans escaping poverty and oppressive conditions in their home countries are entering Libya looking to immigrate to Europe for what they hoped would be better opportunity, has turned into a nightmare for some. Many are being held against their will and sold as slaves. Add to that women are being sold into the sex trade and those who have escaped their enslavement have reported being beaten and tortured.

“We came, we saw, he died,” laughed then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in an interview after the death of Libya’s former leader Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi’s death came during the US, United Nations and NATO’s effort to depose the Libyan leader. Led by then US president Barack Obama, the coalition ruthlessly bombed Libya, destroying much of its infrastructure, leaving it in chaos and in effect a failed state, a lawless land.

Into that breach stepped ISIS and now slavery.

What was going on in Libya that was so bad that it needed to be bombed and disrupted? Qaddafi while vilified in the West, and no doubt ruled as an authoritarian, nevertheless developed Libya for Libyans to the dismay of its former masters. The former Libyan leader was despised by the former colonial parasites for nationalizing Libyan oil, guaranteeing that Libya, not European or American multi-national companies would profit from its oil.

Upon coming to power Qaddafi promised that his government would house every Libyan and he kept that promise. His government provided free education, including college, making Libya one of the most literate nations in the world. He built up the country’s infrastructure, built hospitals, instituted free health care. Food was subsidized guaranteeing no Libyan would go hungry. He also opened up opportunities for women in the Muslim country.

Libya was one of the most developed and prosperous country in Africa with the highest standard of living on the continent as Qaddafi utilized the revenue from its oil to benefit its own country.

Qaddafi had attempted to forge unity between Arab and African countries. He had been guilty of preaching Pan Africanism and Pan Arabism. He was a firm believer in Africa for the Africans which ran parallel to the designs of France, Britain and the US in particular. Qaddafi stood with liberation movements on the continent and was instrumental in the struggle against South African apartheid. He even forged a positive relationship with the US’s Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakahn, promising to aide African Americans in ways they saw fit.

Ironically, Qaddafi is the only known Arab leader to publicly apologize for the role of Arabs in the African slave trade.

But his biggest sin was his recent proposal to replace the franc with the Libyan gold dinar as the source of monetary exchange in Africa. This was highlighted in one of Clinton’s exposed emails by Wiki-leaks. Messing with the Europeans and possibly the Americans money is the real reason for the murder of Qaddafi despite the high sounding words of the former US president.

“The Arab League and the UN joined us in calling for an end to violence,… many thousands could die a humanitarian crisis would ensue the entire region could be destabilized endangering many of our allies and partners,” said Obama in 2011 before he and his European cronies destabilized Libya themselves, then hypocritically turned to violence, to supposedly solve the problem of Gaddafi repressing his citizens.

As a result of their interference, ISIS formed a toe hold there, a black market in weapons was opened as rebels grabbed the governments arsenal and put up it for sale and now of course slavery.

Incredibly some liberals still debate whether there is such a thing as a US humanitarian intervention. Truth is it’s a contradiction in terms, the US government never ever does anything without ulterior motives. The term is used to make their sinister intentions appear noble for the true believers,  who want to believe in the goodness of their government, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Moreover, the development of slavery in Libya is dripping with irony, as the first Black president of the United States opened the door to revisiting one of the greatest horrors of Western civilization that we thought was behind us.

The other incredible irony, is that Africans being enslaved are from surrounding countries, who were trying to get to Europe for a better life, in part because of their native countries struggles, much of it caused by outside interference and unequal trade relations with the West, along with the legacy of colonialism: neo-colonialism and corruption.

While giving high minded speeches about protecting civilians, Obama and Clinton did nothing of the sort, but sat quietly as some Libyans ethnically cleansed Black African migrants, who had been invited into the country by Qaddafi to work in industry there. The Obama administration and the present Trump administration have been silent about the atrocities that have been taking place as a result of their supposedly noble intentions, nearly destroyed Libya supposedly to save it.

“Libya went from one of the richest nations in Africa to the most troubled,” wrote a news correspondent. Add to that one of the most heartbreaking as a person from the womb of Africa and African America opened the door yet again to the horror of slavery.

justice then peace

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