The minority report: Proper conversation for the Thanksgiving table

dining table for Thanksgiving

Truth is usually a casualty of Thanksgiving, which makes it such a great North American holiday. It is pure propaganda, designed to paint a picture of ourselves as kind and benevolent, a society that makes moral sense. In this idyllic setting where turkey and stuffing are the centerpiece, all is well with the world and our over-stuffed, over indulged, excessive and narrow existence is justified, thus making it a fitting opportunity for the “minority report.”

The minority report is the alternate vision of how things really are coupled with a vision of how things could be.

And this holiday was preceded by so much injustice, inequity, unfairness, corruption and wrong and pain inflicted on Americans by other Americans, particularly one class of folks, that folks will have to make a real effort not to trip on any one of the elephants in the room.

As a result the minority report you know the stuff that we don’t want to talk about it is going to be harder to ignore.

Even the professional football games will serve as a reminder of things we would rather not know about. One player, Colin Kaepernick, won’t be at the table this year because he tried delivering the minority report, that is things are not as they seem, police should not be able to kill with impunity and without consequences. Black people though many are plucked from the “hood” to provide today’s entertainment, are not doing as well as they should be, in a society of “justice and liberty for all.”

It comes this year at a time when we have little to brag about. Do they know its Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico?  They are likely thankful to be alive despite the callousness of their president and the corruption in the government that has multiplied the damage already done by the storm.

The families and victims of mass violence in Sulfer Springs, Las Vegas and other places should also be remembered. As we weep for them we should brace ourselves for the many other tears sure to come as a result of our cowardice in the face of the unreconstructed and unapologetic multi million dollar gun industry, which profits off our misery.

It’s a good day to listen to the kid or the radical remind us that people are starving in parts of Somalia. And Yemen is at the brink of starvation from a man-made famine. Slavery has even made a reappearance in Africa, surprisingly in Libya, where amazingly, human beings are being sold in a country the US supposedly liberated from a bad man.

The radical young person will have a point when she says if we can make sure people eat well on Thanksgiving they should be able to eat during the rest of the year. She will be right to ask, ‘why do people have to sleep in the streets anyway? Can’t we build them homes?’

Just in time for the holiday immigrants running from horrendous conditions and circumstances in their country were told they would have to go back, their Temporary Protective Status is being seized. Was it because conditions had improved in an affected country like Haiti? No it was so this administration could score more points with the hateful, that cabal of citizens that hate everything and everybody that is not White, Christian, North Ameircan and rich.

Women are revealing that they have been victimized by men in power and victimized by the complicity of other men and women. Victimized by a system that demands they play ball or pursue a different career, victimized by a combination of patriarchy and power that we seem unable to untangle ourselves from. Apply a little money to it and all is well.

Christians find themselves in need of another Council of Nicea in which they decide what is important to the faith or what exactly do they believe and worship. Judging from those who support Alabama US Senate candidate, Roy Moore, being a Christian means being concerned about two things; the unborn and only the unborn and discriminating against those who are homosexual. Add to that an obvious support for hetero-sexual pedophilia, after all Joseph according to Moore’s heretical supporters Joseph supposedly engaged in relations with an underage Mary to bring about their “savior.” Come Lord Jesus indeed.

Speaking of Christians and the South, historically they frowned upon the holiday because some of the sneaky Northern abolition supporting Christians used it to make points about why human beings should not be enslaved.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if minority report holders would imitate the abolitionists and use the holiday to make uncomfortable, the modern day sellers and buyers of human beings and those who uncritically support the status quo.

If ever there was time for truth telling and a radical vision of how should we as human beings live, it is now!

Justice then peace

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