So the Russians had to trick Black people into opposing racism & police violence?

march against police violence
Ten of thousands of US citizens have marched against extra legal and unwarranted killing of Blacks (usually unarmed) but the highly educated US media seems to think all of this is inspired by Russian meddling.


The news reports about Russians aiding in the effort to end police violence and  racial discrimination in the US are borderline laughable and outright absurd. Is the news media suggesting that its better that Black people suffer in silence, the slings, arrows and bullets of unjust law enforcement and institutional racism (White Supremacy) than accept help from others willing to aide in their cause?

The St Paul Pioneer Press last week ran an article with the headline, “Did Russians try to exploit Philando Castile shooting protests?” Say what?

The Baltimore Sun ran a similar story last week with the headline “Second Russia-linked effort promoted protests during trial of Freddie Gray officers.” The proper response to that is “SO.”

CNN ran a version as well. Dylan Byers Senior Media and Politics Reporter Dylan Byers was absolutely wild eyed as he reported that the horrible, meddling Russians, “tried to galvanize African American outrage against police brutality.” Byers however admitted that “these issues were already divisive in American society.”

So the Russians have promoted rallies against police violence, advocated for racial justice. And this was bad why?

Here is a novel idea, if the government wants the Russians to stop exploiting the extra-legal killing of its citizens by law enforcement and  its hypocrisy and  double standards based on race, then it should cease and desist! It should put an end to police violence, the cowardly back shooting and all too frequent lynching by cop! Take away the ability for any socio-path in uniform to say “I was in fear of my life,” to justify their crime! If the government wants the Russians to stop highlighting the racist nature of the country, it should stop being racist; stop promoting racism and cultivating racists!

The press and others are insinuating that racism and police violence aren’t real, and that at worst the Russians are making things up and at best, they are exacerbating the problem.

Black folks obviously didn’t have sense enough to recognize their problems, or the need to oppose these evils, but had to be told or encouraged to push back by the Russians.

It’s not as if  had the Russians  not tossed in some social media help, Black folks would not have organized against police violence anyway. This struggle has been ongoing for decades, if not centuries. There hasn’t been one instance in which people waited around for the Russians to tell them they should protest the injustice of police violence.

However, the mere fact that Russian attempts to aide in the struggle against police violence is deemed newsworthy, is a story in itself. The implication is that Black folks should shut up and sit down swallow ill treatment directed at it because it is making the country look bad.

What is making the country look bad is its determination to hold on to institutional racism, which can still be clearly seen in the rate of incarceration for Black and Brown people and where the police choose to enforce the law, as well as the limitation of Black progress in housing, education and employment. It may not be as blatant as it was doing the days of Jim Crow, but it still exists.

This not so subtle callousness is the liberal version of the opposition to the “Take a Knee” Movement to bring attention to police violence. When folks are trying to get justice they really don’t care where help comes from, the enemy of enemy is my friend.

The contrived hoopla, also implies that fighting racism and police violence is disloyal, traitorous, or unpatriotic.

This is similar to the days of the US Civil Rights/Freedom Movement when the government and racists in the South insisted that the Soviet Union was stirring up, “our good Negroes.” According to their version of events, Black folks were happy and satisfied with their overtly second class status until the Russians told them they were oppressed.

It also brings to mind the slave owner and amateur lyricist Frances Scott Key. Key wrote in the second verse (of what we now know as the US national anthem), “No refuge could save the hireling and slave, from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” because he was upset that the slaves had the nerve to take the British up on their offer of freedom if they escaped their slave masters and fought for the British crown, against the US. The arrogant Key acted as if they slaves had a patriotic duty to remain slaves.

Patriotism before justice is also apparently, the rallying cry of the liberal Big Business press.


justice then peace

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