Las Vegas massacre: Say What? This wasn’t terrorism?

Stephen paddock

All loss of life especially by those who have done absolutely nothing to deserve their fate is tragic,period, and should be treated as such. Yet the power structure and its minions to their shame even take advantage of tragedy to score political and propaganda points.

Notice the hesitancy by the Big Business press to call Stephen Paddock what he is, a terrorist, mass murderer, low down, filthy piece of crap, or in President Trumps words a ”son of a b—”

During the press conference held in Las Vegas in the wake of the shooting one of the state officials in the midst of all this tragedy decided it was a good time to prop up and praise the police. He actually said that people ought to go out of their way and praise people with badges for the wonderful job law enforcement had done.

Nearly 60 human beings are gone hundreds more are injured and this guy had the presence of mind to take this opportunity to spout propaganda about the efforts of the police? Isn’t (according to the propaganda) saving lives their job?

Did this guy think that praising the cops was a primary concern of grieving loved ones?

Something is gravely wrong at the core of US society!

Particularly galling is the double standard by the press and the government in their treatment of White perpetrators of mass murder.

When White folks commit mass killing there is almost a knee jerk effort by the Big Business press to humanize the person who has acted like a monster. No one tells them to do it, I suspect it’s because the predominantly White press subconsciously identifies with his Whiteness and are inclined to hold a little back less they too be judged.

This may explain why White madmen are never called thugs or animals, but rather there is an empathetic search for what may have made this perfectly decent person lose it.

In a strange way the double standard seems to imply that there is a certain expectation for certain members of the population to commit such dastardly acts. But that theorizing is not consistent with the facts. It is White males who have committed mass killings more than any other segment of the population.

On the other hand, when a Muslim loses their grip on reality and goes on a rampage, it is categorized as a crime of terror, whether the person had political motives or not. It’s becoming clearer and clearer, despite protests to the contrary, that this is because the US government is unofficially at war with Islam.

More to the point the US propagandizes mass killings by Muslims quickly labeling them TERRORISTS, to justify their continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and other places in the world. “The powers that be” need Muslim terrorists for the purpose of fear mongering, so that the US population will support without question any and every attack on the Muslim world, in the name of fighting terrorism.

Therefore as a result, the US government has politicized the word “terrorist.” According to the government’s definition an act of terror has to be done with the idea of sending a message or supporting a particular cause.

However, when Dylan Roof murdered parishioners in South Carolina he did so according to him, in an attempt to start a race war. But interestingly he was never called a terrorist. Neither was the White Supremacist who murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. He was clearly trying to send a message when he rammed his car into Heyer and a group of young people protesting hatred and racism.

People are calling for Gun reform as usually happens after these shootings; it will fall on deaf ears. The president has already said it’s a discussion for later, meaning never. Guns are big business. According to IBISWorld, gun and ammunition sales netted $8.6 billion in revenue in 2016.

Since the making of money is the first priority in this society, the taking of human life by guns will always take a back seat.

And some heartless soul decided that it was appropriate to criticize a Kansas City Chief player for staying seated during the anthem on Monday night. Ironically if she was really grieving and really believed that attention should have been focused solely on the victims of the terrorist act in Las Vegas as she purports, she wouldn’t have time to try to make Black folks look bad as she was surely trying to do.

Those who lost their lives in Las Vegas at the hands of a clearly demented individual should be mourned, all politics and feelings of resentment should be put aside. We should act like human beings always grieve with those who grieve.

Consequently, we must guard our hearts to prevent them from becoming jaundiced by the ugliness of the double standards that are built into the system we live under, less we become as monstrous as it.

We who believe in a more just world must hold on to our humanity at all costs, while accurately pointing out the flaws and injustices of the current system with an eye toward helping people understand that nothing short of replacing it will give us the ultimate relief and peace and justice that we so desperately seek.

justice then peace

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