St.Louis killer cop partly right, he is only partly to blame

St Louis protest anthony Smith killing

The former St Louis cop Jason Stockley who cold bloodedly killed Anthony Lamar Smith in December of 2011 and was subsequently absolved of his crime by St Louis’ jurisprudence had the unmitigated gall, the temerity, the nerve to say,” everyone wants someone to blame, but I’m just not the guy.”

These are the words of a socio-path, the thug Stockley pulled the trigger. Who else can be blamed for Smith’s death?But he has a point! The fact that he could kill a human being after saying he was going to kill them and then kill them and get away with it, is evidence that blame lies with the so-called “best system in the world.”

Unsurprisingly, the killer cop has no shame, which is why he agreed to be interviewed. And why shouldn’t he. He also said in his interview, “I did nothing wrong. If you’re telling the truth and you’ve been wrongly accused, you should shout it from a mountaintop.”

As sick as they may seem it makes perfect sense.

Stockley, like other killer cops, showed no remorse and just as tellingly never offered condolesences to the family of the person he killed, or the community. It’s revealing that the cops who kill folks almost never ever express any kind of sympathy toward their victim or any regret.

And why should they? They are justified! The system we live under has given them a badge and a gun and without directly saying it has declared that they are the last word. They are higher on the pecking order than God, which is why they have no need for remorse, God doesn’t make mistakes. Who sits in judgment of God?

And when the ingredient of race is added to the mix, justification is doubly reinforced. Stockley, a West Point graduate, was educated in White Supremacy, just like most of the rest of us and he knew before he signed up to be a cop, that a Black life is worth less than a White life in the US. Of course that’s not true, but it might as well be.

There is a pecking order in this society, first are Rich White males, then White males, then dogs, then White women and then everybody and everything else White LGBTQ, immigrants,cats, POC, with Black folks on the bottom.

It’s important for people to understand, especially the folks that continue to say the problem with the police is a problem of good and bad cops that this guy Stockley was a nice guy. There is no record of him beating his wife or his kid or his dog. He served honorably in the US wars of aggression in Iraq.

Being good or bad has nothing to do with it. The police are an institution whose job it is to reinforce the pecking order of society, to reinforce its real rules and to keep in place all those deemed to be kept in a certain place.

The dictates of the system override race and sex and sexual orientation which is why Freddie Gray was victimized by Black and female cops. And like Stockley who was White the system chose to protect them as well.

But lots of people still refuse to accept this truth. I suspect that it is because they know that to face the truth about the world they live in means they will have to do something about it.

It explains why some are quick to say , ‘the brother was selling drugs.’ And no doubt he shouldn’t have been selling drugs. But in the US selling drugs is not a capital offense.

Blame for his actions should be placed on the system of law enforcement.

Fault also lies with St.Louis Circuit Court judge Timothy Wilson, who despite having a law degree couldn’t come to the conclusion a ten year old would have, allowed Stockley to get away with murder. Wilson issued a 30-page ruling and said he was “simply not firmly convinced of defendant’s guilt.”

No surprise there. But what is surprising is how folks continue to give respect to these robed figures, who day after day render biased decisions that fill the jails with poor folks and Black folks. And to be fair to the robed men/women, they don’t make the rules, but enforce the rules of a system that is inherently unfair and biased in favor of the rich and the powerful.

Wilson had to let the killer cop go because he has been bribed by the trapping of his position. One doesn’t get to call themselves judge in this system without going along, to get along. To go against the grain is costly. The truth would have cost him the next election, his vacation home in Fort Myers, or cost his place among the local hoi poloi (big shots).

No DNA from Anthony Smith on the gun he supposedly pointed at Stockley; no problem. No real evidence that the victim pointed a gun; no problem. Declaring publicly “we’re going to kill this m–f-r” and subsequently killing him; no problem. Reaching in a bag in your cop car grabbing something and then putting a gun in the victim’s car; no problem.

Not guilty! Don’t you understand!

St.Louis cops were heard taunting the protesters, “Whose streets, Our Streets.” And there you have it. Of course Stockley got away with murder! So what are we going to do about it?

The protests in St Louis have been admirable, but at some point we will have to realize that we will have to move past die-ins, shouting, chants, breaking windows to organizing and making sacrifices of our time and lives.

This system is organized. It will not be defeated without understanding it, or organizing to convince our neighbors that it is in their self –interest to join us in changing it. It will not be brought down without SACRIFICE, without, organizing and mobilizing ourselves to both, resist this tyranny and bring about a real humane system in its place.

There used to be saying in my hood that, “to get A—s you had to bring A—s!” This will continue to happen until we decide that we have had enough. Otherwise at some point a bit of the blame will lie with us for not fighting back.

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those they oppress,” Frederick Douglass

justice then peace

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