Charlottesville, immigration ban, Houston working class response reason for optimism

DACA protests

Despite the craziness coming out of the US White House and lack of REAL representation by the US Congress there is reason for optimism that yes we can work and live together.
Everyday folks have come together in Houston in ways that should not be surprising to us because human beings have that ability despite the constant attempt to indoctrinate us otherwise. People ( that includes lots of White people all over the country), not just Charlottesville have stood in solidarity with People of Color against racism, Nazism and White nationalism. Immigrants have been met with support in the wake of the nullification of DACA.
If one looks closely, even the crisis driven Big Business media has brought home to us real optimism in the struggle to be human in a society that has devalued humanity for the sake of profit.
A close look at the facts, reveals the racists and those who would divide us, and are trying to convince us that it is impossible for human beings who work everyday to come together are being proven wrong. They are not winning, the terrorists are not winning, selfishness is not winning, despite all the efforts to turn us all against one another, while the ruling class laughs its way to the bank is not quite materializing.
In Houston in the midst of the state of Texas’ effort to criminalize all Latins, by passing what is popularly known as SB4, regular folks Black White Latin all pitched to help one another in their time of crisis. A group out of Louisiana known as the Cajun Navy has stepped up and filled in the gaps where the government has failed.
There is little doubt that this kind of camaraderie and volunteerism will continue to be on display as the country is pounded by Hurricane Irma and maybe others.
The point is that we are simply not as divided and as hate filled as the press would have us think of ourselves.
Furthermore in the midst of the tens of thousands that took to the streets to protest President Trumps ending of the DACA program. were lots of people who were not immigrant but saw the so-called illegal immigrants fight as their fight.
In small town Rocori, Minnesota recently a school banned flags because it wanted to stop a handful of students who thought it cool to display Confederate flags on their vehicles. In response some students protested by coming to school with US flags on their vehicles. The students said they wanted to honor the military by displaying the flag. While one may not want to honor this military for aiding wars of aggression they were right to resist the blanket ban. When asked about the presence of the Confederate flag one student leader told the media that, he understood the concerns over the Confederate flag and will help school officials keep it off the campus. “If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I’ll ask them to take it down,” he said. “It’s not appropriate.”
It may be incremental but its progress nevertheless.
Now only the naïve would claim complete victory in the face of the so-called alt or alternative right. Incidentally only a perverted and twisted system along with a brain dead media would even imply that racism, Nazism, xenophobia, Islamophobia are an alternative. Alternative right? Alternative to what? Decency, decent human relations.
But we are winning!
In Boston when the racists raised their ugly heads they were outnumbered by at least ten thousand. In Phoenix when President Trump attempted to rally his supporters around xenophobia and anti-immigrant propaganda he was met by thousands who voiced their opposition. In Berkeley the power structure not every day folks tried to make those opposed to evil and criminality; criminals. The mayor criticized Antifa saying they should be considered a gang but had no harsh words for those who were trying to stir up real trouble by trying to cause and stir up divisions among working people.
Nevertheless, we are winning but we will have to move from mere protest to action.
justice then peace

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