Philando trial: The system worked and then rubbed it in! Part I

Philando rally (2)
Looking back on the jeronimo yanez trial it’s even more clear that It took an amazing amount of nerve for Ramsey County prosecutor john choi to tell the community that “we have to accept this verdict.” He also implied that the trial and the process leading up to it was “fair and impartial” but judging from the information recently revealed about the investigation into the shooting, the lackadaisical prosecution, biased rulings by judge william leary along with his subsequent letter supporting the verdict and the clearly biased jurors, nothing could be further from the truth. (no caps meant as a sign of disrespect)
The trial confirmed most folks suspicions that the US system is biased partial and blatantly unfair. And that it is nearly impossible for a Black person to get a fair shake from it: dead or alive.
Everything that has been revealed about the trial of jeronimo yanez for killing Philando Castile has revealed a system that is biased to its core, that quite frankly is not worthy of respect.
Immediately after the killing, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) investigators worked to try to find evidence that would help officer yanez, rather than get to the facts of the shooting. They grilled Diamond Reynolds for three hours immediately after shooting while allowing the killer yanez 24 hours to concoct his lie. Even the prosecutors got in on the act investigating Castile rather than the cop they were supposedly trying to convict.
The prosecution which did appear to make its case, but didn’t have its heart in it, as they failed to humanize their client. It’s not possible they didn’t know what a great guy he was because they spent most of their time looking into his background.
Incredibly, the prosecution only called ONE character witness, a teacher at JJ Hill school, where Philando was referred to as Mr Phil and was beloved by staff and students. No doubt the prosecutors could have naively assumed that the jury would give their deceased client the benefit of the doubt, since the case involved two human beings, one on trial for wrongfully, killing the other.
But they would be mistaken, it is not automatically assumed in this society, that Black people are human beings. In fact often when law enforcement victimizes a Black person, there is a kind of built in societal justification for the death or the abuse, if the person had drugs in their system, a criminal record, or were unemployed.
It’s why the defense team kept pushing the marijuana theme. They know that people high on marijuana are not a threat, but they continued to make allegations that it inhibited his ability to follow commands as a way of sullying Philando’s character, despite the fact that a large number of White Americans smoke weed as well.
Speaking of the defense lawyers,( again proving race brings out the worst in folks) earl grey, who won a case in which arguably there are no winners, decided to pop off about it. Someone should tell him to shut up and that he won, only a callous pig or thug, would rub it in.
The despicable Mr grey asked after the trial, “Would you let Philando pull a gun on you” knowing that the evidence did not support such a spurious and slanderous claim. The physical evidence (gun found deep in his pocket, trigger finger shot), along with yanez’s statement immediately afterward to his supervisor that he “didn’t know where it was,” made it absolutely clear he did not pull a gun on yanez despite what the prejudiced jurors, concluded.
Grey’s lack of decorum and sensitivity is amazing considering he brushed shoulders with Philando’s mother Valerie, every day in court. But it’s a Black man that’s dead, so grey wasn’t bound by the normal rules of human decorum, which dictate that sensitivity, compassion and empathy and plain old human decency be employed in such a tragic situation.
Strangely the father of four had no comment when he was asked if he was aware of the pain that the decision caused the community. But he had a lot to say when no one was asking his opinion.
A self-respecting community would let him know just how they felt about his insensitive and callous remarks.
For the unaware, the presiding Christian and obviously biased judge leary, (who faithfully attends mass every day) took it upon himself to write a letter telling the jury that it did the “right” thing.
Sounding like a robed 1950’s night- rider, leary wrote that he wanted to thank the jurors “for the profound public service you provided to this country and the State of Minnesota,…. I write to re-assure you that you faithfully fulfilled the difficult task you were asked to undertake.”
Indeed they did!
justice then peace

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