Pro-Lifers needed desperately

pain and suffering
There is so much inhumanity, meanness and unnecessary dying taking place in the world (famines, border closings, rejection of refugees, droning, executions) that it is reasonable to expect that anyone or group calling itself pro-life would be in the midst of it all advocating for the living.
Ironically, so-called pro-lifers who put on a big show at the US capitol every year and more recently protested Planned Parenthood clinics that perform abortions (that also provide desperately needed (pre-natal care), don’t really believe in everyone’s “right to life.” It’s a cynical movement, born out of a right wing womb and held on to dearly, by some well meaning folks as well and those for whom it is a religious crusade. In their zeal to protect the unborn, they have borrowed a term they are unfit to utter.
So-called pro-lifers cloak themselves in piety and self- righteousness, while in reality they are anti-abortion, anti-women and most importantly anti-the freedom of women to have sex when, how and with whom they choose.
To paraphrase Apostle John, ‘how can they say they love those they have not seen (the unborn) yet do not love those they see every day.’
They are pro- life in the same way that Trump claims to be pro worker as he cuts out as many benefits (quality public education, fair and equitable wages, environmental protection, decent and affordable health care, equal protection under the law, etc,) to workers as he can, while cynically promising them jobs.
When Trump announced that he wanted to increase the military budget by billions, it meant that the US is prepared to and preparing to kill those it claims are its enemies, most likely some Colored folks (POC for those who think Colored is not quite the correct term) One would expect that those declaring themselves Pro-Life would be up in arms. But unfortunately most who call themselves pro-life are too often pro war or pro violent US intervention.
Trump has announced the US would not allow any refugees from countries in which people are literally running for their lives. But the pro-life folks remain silent. On the contrary, many back the ban because they are anti-Muslim.
After the announcement that the state of Arkansas planned on killing ten inmates in a matter of days next month, it should have been reasonable to expect an outcry from the center of the pro-life movement, but none was forthcoming because most advocates of the pro-life position are pro death penalty. (despite its very unequal application)
While most of the country remains silent in the face of the deportation of human beings, who are simply trying to do what most human beings have done since they have been on the planet and that is move to a place which is more conducive to living, one might anticipate outrage by pro-lifers. But they too failed to pierce the silence, because they too are anti-immigrant.
Yemen is one several countries in Africa and the Middle East suffering from famine. Yet instead of delivering bread, the US bombed the country, launching 30 airstrikes this weekend, on behalf of its favored Muslims; Saudi Arabia. The US press has scarcely mentioned this impending disaster, to its shame, while reporting on the latest foolishness uttered from the mouth of the president. The pro-lifers are quiet because, well they are pro American and if the US are killing folks it must be okay and after all their concern is not with the “living.”
Incidentally, the US launched a strike against Yemen in which they targeted the eight year old family member of Anwar Awlaki, the US citizen the government executed by drone, whose 16 year old son was also killed by a drone strike months later. The pro-life community was silent because eight year old innocents are not their concern, they are already born.Besides she was a foreigner; Brown, Muslim and though only eight, a seed, a terrorist in the making.
The famine in Africa, including the Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia is being ignored by the pro-lifers and the good folks who talk endlessly, excessively about the glories and wonders of humanity, because well they are usually talking about North American humanity.(you know White folks) And the latest suffering of Africans doesn’t move them to action because they too are suffering from “famine fatigue.” They too are tired of helping “those people.” Ironically many of the pro- lifers favor population control in Africa and the Third World. Some Colored folk to their shame, think this as well.
Furthermore, while the Western press stresses that wars in the effected countries have  exacerbated the famine, they devote only a few lines to the fact that these famines have their roots in man-made climate change. In the cruelest bit of irony, Africa has been the most adversely affected by the excesses of the so-called developed world, which  has accelerated the warming of the planet. The Third World, especially Africa, has been hit the hardest as the long dry seasons have not only made it near impossible to sustain themselves through traditional farming, but has also disrupted the rhythm of many African cultures, forcing them to flee their lands.
 As women in the US prepare to make the case for women, hopefully the case is made for Mother Earth as well as the tens of thousands of poor mothers, women and girls who may not make it to the end of the year and maybe not the end of the month.
What’s the point of debating when life begins, if we are not going to help those already here?
justice then peace

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