Another Brother lies paralyzed victimized by THE SYSTEM AND THE SYSTEM OF POLICING


A press conference was held in Minneapolis simultaneously with the family of Chad Robertson’s conference in Chicago in front of the hospital where he lies paralyzed from the neck down, to denounce his shooting at the hands of Amtrak police. And to demand that the criminals who shot him be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It really hit me this morning that this brother may not walk again.

Can you imagine on your way home from a funeral on the Bus and you wind up paralyzed. And why? Because its simply not okay for young Black men or Black people to just BE! And it ain’t about who is good or bad, we have to confront our reality.

Before a new day could dawn Chicago police shot someone else!

This SYSTEM OF POLICING is the problem. Its like having a good teacher at a bad school, bottom line is the school has to be changed. The good teacher shouldn’t distract us from the truth that the school is mis-educating the children.

The same has to apply to the police. The so-called good cops are a smoke screen, which hides the real purpose of police in this country.
WE have to stop relying on what we “think” and listen to folks who have done their research and analysis and have arrived at an educated conclusion, based on that research, analysis and study of the origin and historic function of the police!

This is science. Its like math. No matter what we “think,” “believe” or “feel,” 2 plus 2 equals 4. E= MC squared, no matter what we think. Gravity is real, no matter how much we may think it should or wish it to be different, if you jump out of the window you will fall and break your behind. You will not float.

The police’s REAL role despite what we THINK, BELIEVE or FEEL, is to protect private property and the rich. Notice whose side the police take in any strike or dispute with property owners businesses or corporations. They also serve to reinforce the racist, sexist, homophobic, nativist stereotypes of this social/economic/ political system. Its why they not only brutalize and kill Black folks but they also abuse poor and everyday White folks, as well as women, gay folks, immigrants and anyone that has been designated as “other” by those in charge, the representatives of the point one percent.

The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get to the fix.

And yes its also true in the vicious “dog eat dog,” every person for themselves nation, they have set up, we will need protection from those who would victimize us. Common sense says that we can’t have those who are supposed to protect us from predators and others, also behave like criminals and victimize us as well.

So the challenge is to set up a system of guardianship in our communities in which we can safeguard ourselves. We have to create community whose bonds would discourage some of the criminality we see.

Ultimately, we will all have to pitch in and fight and organize to bring about a society in which police violence and community violence in inner cities aren’t as normal as waking up.

And yes the killing in the hood and the killing by the police come from the same source, the ruling class.

It is the rulers that have created the ghetto’s. They have  mis-educated our young people to believe they aren’t “ish,” didnt come from “ish,”  and have come from a people that aint nothing and have no history, no future, or even a culture (except a so-called “culture of poverty”). Its why some folks are quick to tell Black folks to “go back to Africa” cause the fool despite having  all kinds of stuff that has African origins doesn’t think anything is in Africa. Hell their  pre-modern ancestors originated from Africa.

So these young people are under-educated and mis-educated by people who they know don’t like them. They grow up in a community that screams inferior, second rate, less than. They are denied jobs and locked up for almost any reason, with no effort by the system to rehabilitate or point them in the right direction.

They wind up discouraged and open to joining groups that claim that their real enemy is folks down the street who look like them, but display different signs and where different clothes. They are convinced they have nothing to live for, because they for all practical purposes they don’t. Mad at the world for ripping them off,filled with internal self hatred, he is a walking time bomb. And then the man adds to their woes by supplying them with self hatred, drugs and guns.

Add to that the corporate music heads like cannibalistic, hustling, profiteers who pump in music, like some sick anti human Musac that encourages more hatred of themselves and even their women.

Make that n–er a chalk outline in the street;sell dope to those ni–ers; F–k your women and make sure “you ain’t lovin dem hoes;” And get “racks and racks and racks” get stacks by any means necessary, preferably by exploiting fellow n–rs. And make sure you buy everything; cars, diamonds, gold, clothes, wine, champagne the MAN sells cause this, yes this is what will define your worth as a human being!

And middle class folks who claim to be smart, educated and refined, will blame him, the damned victim! But he didn’t do this to himself. He didn’t plant the seed of doubt,inferiority and mistrust. The system did that.

So it is this system, (the same one that existed before Trump) that created police violence and inner city violence.Trump just took the gloves off.

If we are to survive we will have to fight back. Sacrifices will have to be made old assumptions, old paths, old parties( yes the damned Democrats), old out of date organizations will have to be laid aside.

And like any army going to war we will have to have a clear analysis of what we are up against and a real understanding of the enemy. Victory will depend on what you know, not what we “think”, what we “feel”, what we “believe.” And make no mistake it will come in conflict with those who profit and benefit from things as they are: “where we gonna go where we gonna find a Massa better than this,” they will say.


We must resist (intelligently) or else!

justice then peace

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  1. Theresa Love Williams says:

    Brother Mel,

    You summed up what is happening explicitly to our black men and to our community. Thank you for making it plain, insightful and educational!!!


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