White Christian minister terrorist plot blacked out by Big Business media


The Trump White House making up stories about a fake Bowling Green massacre, while ignoring minister Robert Doggart’s plot to murder dozens of Muslims in upstate New York, is designed to detract and deflect from stories like Doggart’s, stories of real domestic terrorism in the US committed by some Whites against Muslims, Black folks and other people because of their color/religion/national origin.

And don’t be duped, the Big Business (MSM) while pretending to push back have been compliant in this effort.The alternative press’ Daily Beast kept this story in the public’s eye.

Christian minister and former Congressional candidate Robert Doggart is currently on trial in federal court in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a 2015 plot to kill dozens of Muslims in upstate Hancock, New York.

Doggart, 65, was caught in 2015 and even though he was recorded actually planning an attack on Islamberg, a village in Hancock, a judge initially ruled it wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge him with a crime. The government eventually charged him with solicitation to burn down a mosque, solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and solicitation to commit arson of a building.

However he was not charged with a hate crime, or with terrorism, nor conspiracy to commit murder and was released to the custody of relatives while awaiting trial, to the chagrin of many in the Muslim community who protested the obvious double standard.

But a quick internet search reveals that neither CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC, the New York Times nor Washington Post and not even NPR has given the trial a mention. And this can’t be blamed on Trump, he didn’t order their silence or complicity in this news black out.

Incidentally, Islamberg is a predominantly Black enclave. It’s also home to “The Muslims of America” a group, according to its website that, “primarily consists of African American Sunni who are indigenous Americans with Islamic roots spanning four generations. The first generations were mainly converts from various branches of Christianity.”

Doggart was quoted as saying in telephone conversations recorded by the FBI, “If I don’t get [kill] 40 of them, then something’s wrong with me.” Authorities reported that he planned to burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria, in Islamberg. He planned to carry out his attack with Molotov cocktails, M4 rifles, machetes and grenades. The plan was to create as many casualties as possible. “We will be cruel,” he said.

Doggart tried to recruit others in the South to help him carry out his plan. According to the “Chattanooga Times Free Press,” he said that his recruits would be required to take an oath ON THE BIBLE to support the country. “We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God.”

Imagine if the story was reversed, and an Islamic Imam had plotted against White Christians. The story would be blasted all over the internet and splashed on the front pages and online editions of all the major newspapers and would be the lead story on most electronic news broadcasts.

So why wasn’t this heinous plot broadcast far and wide? Because it didn’t fit the “War on Terror” narrative.

Furthermore it describes a plot against Muslims who are African American. The plot also serves as a reminder of the meanness of some White folks. And White folks are tired hearing about the historic criminality, of the Robber Barons, rich White folks, the bourgeoisie, the ruling class folks even though it doesn’t necessarily condemn them. The key words in that phrase are “rich” “bourgeoisie” and “ruling class,” not White.

And maybe it’s because Muslim lives don’t matter in the broader scheme of things. When hundreds of people were killed in ISIS attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey there was little sympathy or empathy expressed in the North American press.. There was no twitter or Facebook love or memes expressing solidarity with or acknowledging the Brown people’s pain. Or maybe just maybe if we are honest, the phrase Brown people is an oxymoron. And Black people…

It also turns the truth on its head. Yes there have been attacks by unhinged people who practice Islam But it is the US government that has seemingly declared war on Islam. Trump has merely taken off the veil and eliminated all pretenses.

The Trump administration is crazy like a fox; there is indeed a method to their madness. The US indeed has a history of terrorism but it’s not against White people.But the favored group of choice when it comes to terrorism has always been Black people followed closely by “Colored” folks that is, Indians, Mexicans and Asians and to a lesser extent Jews..

Moreover, to take the focus off the historic victims of racist violence also takes focus off of efforts to stem that violence.

justice then peace

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