US Representative Keith Ellison pushed to back of the bus by DNC selection Committee


As the saying goes, “when someone [or something] shows you who they are believe them.” The rejection of US Representative Keith Ellison’s bid to head the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reveals that the DNC is what they have always been the other branch of a two branch tree (Democrats & Republicans) that exist to represent the rich, while pretending to have an interest in the needs, wants and desires of working class America.
As one delegate put it, “They are not going to be in touch with the people and they are not ready to move in a new direction despite the rhetoric.”
The very patronizing suggestion that the Congressman be the face of the DNC, while inventing a last minute deputy director position to appease him and his fans, was akin to giving him the Ms. Congeniality award in a beauty contest.
Moreover it seems the Democrats made Ellison the FRONTMAN, while making him use the BACK DOOR. They suggested he is the SOUL of the party, but it seems they meant the SOLE, as they walked all over him. They have asked him to be the WELCOME MAT while treating him like the DOORMAT. His strength is his appeal to the working person and the “HOOD” but it’s more like he is the HOOD ORNAMENT on the Democratic broken down, beat up lemon of a “hoopty.”
The Congressman asked supporters to trust him as he supports the party, but how can we trust a party that didn’t trust him, the obviously best qualified candidate to lead it? Keith is no doubt a good man, a good father and an overall good human being. And he seems to believe in the efficacy of this party, even in the face of evidence that it is far from the working person’s party.
However, Ellison like many others, badly wants the Dems to be something they are not, at some point we too have to face our reality.
Reportedly, the initial reaction to the selection of Perez by Ellison supporters was the shedding of tears. I suspect the tears are an indication of the recognition that no one is going to save us, but us.
Tears may also have been the result of the realization that the party, by, of and for the rich, is just that, and it ain’t got no room for us or our tears.
It’s also likely they came because of the pain that comes from the admission that one has been took, mislead, hoodwinked, as Malcolm X would have put it.
To be fair to the Democrats, they never said they were the party of the Black, the Brown, the Red or the White working class for that matter. And they surely didn’t claim to be the party of the oppressed. They aren’t the party of the working person.
The historical record is clear.
The efforts by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression, that brought us Social Security and the safety net in the form of welfare, came because the capitalists were afraid that the working class would rise up and take power and stop begging. Blacks were hoodwinked by John F Kennedy’s rhetoric and the fact that he used federal power to get MLK out of jail. Many were further tricked as a result of Lyndon Johnson’s signing civil rights legislation, and launching of the War on Poverty, but those efforts came as a result of people in the streets and not the lobbying in the suites. Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton took away welfare as we know it, locked up and out record numbers of Black people, while convincing Black people that he was the first Black president. And the real first Black president….
Great disappointment only comes from truly believing in something. People’s hopes have long been misplaced in the Democratic Party and its time we face the truth. If anything is going to change in this country it is going to have to be done by the people themselves. The people are going to have to organize their own party, with its own set of demands, knock on doors for themselves.
And it will have to be led by working class folks not petite bourgeois softies, who would give in to the rich folks as soon as their needs are met.
Failure to make Ellison the DNC chair tells you all you need to know.
And people shouldn’t miss that former president Barak Obama helped lead the charge to deny the Congressman, the position though he was the most qualified. HMMM! Keith is the same guy who wore out a good pair of shoes on the campaign trail for Obama.
But he too was afraid that Ellison’s old activist roots might catch up with him and feared like the ruling class, that Ellison would write social justice checks that the party wouldn’t be willing to cash.
Even with Ellison at the head it wouldn’t have changed the fact that the Dems aren’t the “party of the people” but it sure would have looked a lot more like it.
justice then peace


Malcolm X: revolutionary ,human being, Black man and a Muslim


Now that we are celebrating over 50 years since Malcolm X’s murder, it is important that we not just remember the man and toss around his quotes, but that we seek to emulate him.

Malcolm X never hesitated to defend those who were oppressed and he wouldn’t just look on quietly, while those who practice Islam domestically and abroad are being victimized. And he would surely would not have predicted that generations coming after him 50 years later (who profess their love for him) would ignore State sponsored harassment and discrimination against those who practice his beloved religion.

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) was a practitioner of Islam he was a Sunni Muslim.

But this foremost of revolutionaries, was not killed at the behest of this government because he was Muslim, he was killed because he was uncompromising in his condemnation of this social/ political/ economic system. If ever there was an enemy of this State, it was Malcolm X.

Malcolm didn’t blink when he called out this government for its hypocrisy, in violently invading Vietnam and practicing violence the world over, while condemning Black people who began to take to the streets to demand an end to their second class status. He died because he unhesitatingly called “a spade a spade.”

He called out racism and rampant materialism and the corrupting influence of what he called “dollarism.” He likened US foreign policy to that of a vulture. He reminded us that, “we didn’t land on Plymouth Rock but Plymouth Rock landed on us.” He chided and teased us for thinking we are fully certified citizens by reminding us that,” just being at the table doesn’t make you a diner,” but eating along with everyone else makes it so.

Malcolm X reminded us that he didn’t see an American dream but “an American nightmare.”

“I am not an American,” he said “and got sense enough to know it.” He condemned this system while preaching brotherhood and sisterhood first among Black and African peoples and later advocated international and universal brother and sisterhood.

It’s not difficult to imagine that the prophet rolls in his grave, every time a Negro jealously complains about people standing up for and with their Muslim brothers and sisters. He probably rolled over every time we decided that, rather than stand for the rights of our Islamic brothers we chose to sit it out because, ‘it’s not my fight.’

According to the prophets’ calculations, they would be wrong. And besides, many Africans and African Americans are in fact; Muslim. This racial bond would make them brothers and sisters.

Malcolm said of Black folks “we have the same problem a common problem a problem that will make you catch hell whether you are a Baptist a Methodist or a Muslim.” “All of us have suffered here, in this country political oppression at the hands of the White man, economic exploitation at the hands of the White man and social degradation at the hands of the White man.” By White man as he made clear he meant the White power structure, the ruling class.

.Malcolm X was a Muslim.

Yet Malcolm would have challenged todays adherents of religion, many of whom bury their heads in the sand, or say simply say, “I will pray for you,” “or its in God’s hands” while their brothers and sisters are suffering. He despised quiescent and passive religious folks who pretend that “God’s got it” absolving them from responsibility for their neighbors. He frowned upon “religiously pious” who make a mockery of the precepts of love and ignore the command “ to do justice,” found in practically all faiths.

When you are considering whether you should stand with your Islamic brothers and sisters remember Malcolm X was a Muslim. Standing with them is akin to standing with the prophet.

Though a dedicated and committed Muslim, he would have laid Islam down if it hindered his ability to fight for his people and justice.
“No religion will ever make me forget the condition of our people in this country. No religion will ever make me forget the continued fighting with dogs against our people in this country. No religion will make me forget the police clubs that come up side our heads. No God, no religion, no nothing will make me forget it until it stops, until it is finished, until it’s eliminated,” said Malcolm.

Now would be a good time to remind ourselves that Malcolm was the ultimate Pan Africanist and internationalist. He loved humanity and he really loved Black people and he loved his religion Islam and its practitioners as well.

justice then peace

Movie Review: “I Am Not Your Negro” is eloquent now it’s your turn


The point of reading James Baldwin or even seeing his thoughts on screen in the documentary, “I Am Not Your Negro,” is not to revel in his telling off the “White Man” (the power structure) and putting him in his proper place, the point is to do something about the situation that he articulates.
And Baldwin drops knowledge in this documentary produced by Raoul Peck, as if they were bombs. Of US society he said, it “has no moral justification and thus no moral authority.” He said of US history, “the story of the Negro [Black] history is the story of America.” “Moral monsters” is what he calls those complicit in racism.
According to the writer, “White is a metaphor for power and it is simply a way for describing Chase Manhattan Bank.” And with that he nails the confluence of race and class in North America.
While captivating its audience with brilliant and poignant videography, the film captures the US in all of its racial hypocrisy very neatly interweaving the conflicts in the 1960’s deep South and Northern ghettos, with pictures of the conflict in Ferguson and the seemingly ubiquitous police violence.
The film reveals that Baldwin’s witness was as much to White America as it was to Black America, he talked a lot about the idea that in solving the race problem White folks would in effect save their own souls and ultimately their country.
Speaking of souls, there is a particularly telling sequence in which a White Christian woman is pictured saying that God could forgive thieving and even murder, but “God doesn’t forgive race mixing.” Baldwin’s mistrust of the Christian church was well founded.
When he rather poignantly states that the task of Americans is to find out why the Negro is needed in the first place, he comes closest to the understanding that leads us to the root cause.
As he correctly states in the documentary, by the time Malcolm X and Martin King died they were in the same place politically, they both understood that it was the social/ political/ economic system, capitalism that was the source and reason for the existence of racism. And as Malcolm had so plainly articulated, you can’t have capitalism without racism. Why is the Negro needed? So that the White working class can be duped into a false sense of solidarity with the White ruling class rulers of whom they have nothing in common, except skin color.
Baldwin states that, those who have stolen us and are complicit in our present suffering require of us a song. The song is required to relieve the masters and the co-conspirators guilt. Because of this insanity and the enormity of the crime, this socio-path has a need to have you tell him “life ain’t so bad” because if it is, it suggests he/she may be the cause of your unhappiness. And they can’t live with that.
Like the liberal Yale professor that Baldwin puts in his place, they like the idealized version of the US; they don’t really want to know the truth.
Unfortunately, the film includes a historical error that has to be corrected. When the narrator Samuel Jackson (whose somewhat haunting voice captures the spirit of Baldwin) claims that, “He [Baldwin] didn’t hate White people and he rejected the racial politics of the Black Panthers and the Black Muslim movements.” Baldwin actually repeats the misconception that was foisted on the public about the Black Panthers by the Big Business press. The Panthers were a revolutionary organization that was opposed to racism and capitalism and did not hate White people, but rather hated the White Power structure.
“I Am Not Your Negro,” skims over Baldwin’s homosexuality. But we should not skim over it, because Baldwin in every way was one of us. He stood by, for and with us! Some have convinced themselves that some of us count more than others and that male homosexuality is an affront to masculinity.
But who had bigger “balls” than James Baldwin?
Malcolm X (who respected Baldwin immensely, commenting on how the power structure controlled and orchestrated the 1963 March of Washington) laughingly said those running the program wouldn’t let Baldwin speak because “he was liable to say anything [radical].”
Interestingly, Baldwin identified as Black and human, he assumed correctly that he like the rest of his brothers and sisters were catching hell first and foremost because they were Black. He was clearly comfortable in his own skin and didn’t feel the need to separate his struggle from the broader struggle. He wasted little time (publicly) chastising fellow Blacks for their homophobia, though he took on those who tried to make an issue of it.
Everyone will likely take something different from the film, but it sends one unmistakable message, and that is something is deeply wrong and flawed with this nation that continues to be racist at its core. Baldwin said, “If I’m not a nigger here and you invented him — you, the White people, invented him — then you’ve got to find out why.” And once we have discovered the truth we have to act upon it.
When the struggle for Black rights broke out in earnest in this country Baldwin recalled that, “I could simply no longer sit around Paris discussing the Algerian and the black American problem. Everybody was paying their dues, and it was time I went home and paid mine.”
Indeed must Baldwin and our prophets Martin, Rosa, Gloria, Malcolm, Medgar, Fannie, Ella, Paul, Frederick, John, Harriett and countless others bear the cross alone? No the cross of justice, racial, social and otherwise should be borne by us all!
Justice then peace



When I got the phone call that Brother Chad Robertson died from his wounds after being shot by Amtrak police, I tried not to but the tears just started coming. I didn’t know him personally and can’t recall if we had ever met but it hit me hard cause I was thinking ‘at least he will survive, he might just be okay.’

I didn’t know Brother Chad, but I know he had a mother who loved him dearly. I didn’t know Brother Chad but I know he left behind a mate, a woman who loved him dearly. I didn’t know Brother Chad but I know he left some children behind who loved him dearly. I didn’t know Brother Chad but I know he had sisters who loved him dearly. I didn’t know Brother Chad but I know he had an Aunt that loved him dearly.

Even his friends that have contacted me or responded to my earlier commentary were warm. That says something. I feel bad that they will experience this kind of loss. I can’t begin to understand the hurt and pain they must be feeling now.

I call Chad brother because as anyone who knows me will tell you, I call everyone brother of sister except for the the point one percent the bosses who are nothing but criminals, who run this evil system and maintain their power by any means necessary and it deem it necessary that we die either at their hands or one another’s. They are not my brothers and sisters.

But Chad was my brother because he was a fellow human being. He was my brother because he was a fellow Black human being. He was my brother because as members of the most oppressed nationality in the US we shared the same pain the same angst the same fragility of existence. He was my brother because like the vast majority of us, he worked for a living he was a part of the 99 percent of us who don’t have real power, but have to accept the crumbs those in power hand us after our long days of work.

And just as importantly he was my brother because he too was a child of God!

Why his murderer chose to accept a litany of code words and stereotypes and lies as the person in front of him that night, rather than seeing him as a brother, a child of God and a fellow human being,is the work left for us to correct.

His murderer didn’t kill an image,an apparition, a thing. He didn’t kill a ni–er he killed our brother a human being.

They say he ran and we say,’ so what does that have to do anything.’ They tried to say he had some weed on him and we say ‘if you tell us this to justify his murder, then you are a low down dirty pig, dirt on the bottom of our shoes and we hold you too partly responsible.’

They will say he must have been doing something he shouldn’t have and we will say ‘go to hell!’ They (the media collaborators) ran a mug shot as a way of saying that he was a criminal, we say,’he was a better person than you because he wouldn’t do no foul ish like that.’ And for good measure we say ‘kiss our collective behinds!’

They killed a human being! We should not let them forget that. For as long as we can, as long as our energy lasts, we should not let them have any peace until we get justice.

None of US have much in the larger scheme of things. We don’t have the power of life and death. Most of us don’t have much money. We don’t have much that will provide real comfort to his family.

But we do have two legs, two feet, two arms and two hands, a mind and a mouth and we can use those to raise hell in this heavenly cause..

And we have a mind and we can make up our minds and decide that we are going to do everything possible to get justice for this brother.

So let us honor Chad by fighting back in Chicago and in Minneapolis. We will honor him by not letting another brother or sister walk by us without saying hello, remember it could be their last time.

Let us honor him by telling one another the truth about this system and its aims.

Let us honor him by not letting THEM smear his reputation.

Let us honor him by saying his name. Say his name, dammit say his name!

Chad Robertson Presente!

justice then peace

We are winning: Neighborly concern, human kindness is shining through “ratchet” Trumpism


When Adele honored and symbolically gave to Beyonce’ what she richly deserved (the album of the year) at the Grammy awards, she broke ranks with the music industry, which can’t get past its racial programming, its racial preference and its racial provincialism. Similarly, if we stop whining and complaining about Trump and Trumpism for a minute, we can see that lots of people are breaking from xenophobia, bigotry and the narrowness of White Supremacy, capitalism and Trump’s plain meanness.
And they are breaking the rules and reaching across the divide to embrace one another as human beings, despite our differences and despite our indoctrination, brainwashing and programming.
Trump and his attempt to “further” divide and rule us is failing. If you pay attention, you can hear in the protest chants the sound of progress, you can smell the sweet aroma of Brotherhood and Sisterhood and if you look closely enough you will gaze upon the gratifying sight of Americans all over looking out for and standing WITH one another.
Recently, in Minneapolis St Paul the local NAACP stood with a Hmong family whose 84 year old grandmother was attacked by a police dog because her neighbors heard her rummaging in her own garage. When the neighbors called the police they sicced the police dog on the old lady because she didn’t fit the profile of the predominantly White neighborhood. The Minneapolis NAACP is predominantly Black, but they recognized their common humanity and common struggle and realized that as people of color they have some things in common. So they added their voices to those protesting this blatant injustice.
In Chicago, members of BlackLivesMatter Chicago have sacrificed their time and resources to make the Robertson family from Minneapolis comfortable, while they sit at the bed side of their relative who was shot in the back and paralyzed by Amtrak police. Chicago BLM has provided housing for the Robertson family and have been at their side daily, even helping the family organize a press conference demanding the cop be prosecuted.
In Los Angeles,, a few hundred (some would call crazy young people) tried to shut down a freeway and block the driveways of the ICE offices so that Homeland Security could not deport their brothers and sisters.. There may have been a relative or two in the crowd, but the reports indicate that the folks protesting were not kin to those being held. All they had in common was that they were human beings.
Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos’ a Phoenix woman who immigrated to the US at 14 is being deported for being here illegally. Supporters and others protesting this injustice, gathered at the ICE office and tried to block federal vehicles from leaving the grounds. People literally put their bodies on the line to try to prevent her deportation.
Ironically, it is the US that is the original criminal, having stolen Mexican land. Texas, California, Arizona and “New” Mexico were stolen from Mexico as part of “Manifest Destiny,” which led to a US war of aggression against Mexico in 1846. After defeating Mexico the US also claimed parts of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada.
In Tennessee, Sister Jesse (last name unknown) a small but stalwart White woman, stood up at her Congressman’s Town Hall and explained that the point of the Obama Care program was that “the healthy folks pull up the sick people.” But then she said something exceptional, “as a Christian my whole philosophy in life is to pull up the unfortunate.” And then she dropped this bomb, “WHY DON’T WE EXPAND MEDICAID AND LET EVERYBODY HAVE INSURANCE?”
When the “Muslim ban” was announced by the Trump administration, demonstrations took place all over the country.
More recently dozens of protests have taken place to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are refugees.
All over the country people are standing up for and standing with those that have been victimized and deemed second class. Truth is that phrase encompasses a lot more of us, than folks are willing to admit.
The DAPL pipeline fight in Standing Rock has been Indian led, but people of all colors, backgrounds and religions have stood with them during this fight, which is at bottom a fight for civilization. Will the powers the corporations, the Big Banks sacrifice this tribe and possibly the earth for oil?
North Americans are living out the creed that, “an injury to one is an injury to all.” They are starting to act as if they believe that, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere.”
Neighbors are showing compassion toward one another and ignoring their programming. People are throwing the finger at capitalist propaganda, which demands, we only look out for ourselves and frown upon the exploited, the so-called illegal, the “other” religion and the Black and the Brown.
Don’t tell me Trump and “nem” are winning. If they were winning, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to divide us every-day working folks. Trump and the capitalists are not winning. Individualism is not winning. Bigotry is not winning. Hatred is not winning.
Look around you. Human solidarity is winning!
justice then peace

Another Brother lies paralyzed victimized by THE SYSTEM AND THE SYSTEM OF POLICING


A press conference was held in Minneapolis simultaneously with the family of Chad Robertson’s conference in Chicago in front of the hospital where he lies paralyzed from the neck down, to denounce his shooting at the hands of Amtrak police. And to demand that the criminals who shot him be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It really hit me this morning that this brother may not walk again.

Can you imagine on your way home from a funeral on the Bus and you wind up paralyzed. And why? Because its simply not okay for young Black men or Black people to just BE! And it ain’t about who is good or bad, we have to confront our reality.

Before a new day could dawn Chicago police shot someone else!

This SYSTEM OF POLICING is the problem. Its like having a good teacher at a bad school, bottom line is the school has to be changed. The good teacher shouldn’t distract us from the truth that the school is mis-educating the children.

The same has to apply to the police. The so-called good cops are a smoke screen, which hides the real purpose of police in this country.
WE have to stop relying on what we “think” and listen to folks who have done their research and analysis and have arrived at an educated conclusion, based on that research, analysis and study of the origin and historic function of the police!

This is science. Its like math. No matter what we “think,” “believe” or “feel,” 2 plus 2 equals 4. E= MC squared, no matter what we think. Gravity is real, no matter how much we may think it should or wish it to be different, if you jump out of the window you will fall and break your behind. You will not float.

The police’s REAL role despite what we THINK, BELIEVE or FEEL, is to protect private property and the rich. Notice whose side the police take in any strike or dispute with property owners businesses or corporations. They also serve to reinforce the racist, sexist, homophobic, nativist stereotypes of this social/economic/ political system. Its why they not only brutalize and kill Black folks but they also abuse poor and everyday White folks, as well as women, gay folks, immigrants and anyone that has been designated as “other” by those in charge, the representatives of the point one percent.

The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get to the fix.

And yes its also true in the vicious “dog eat dog,” every person for themselves nation, they have set up, we will need protection from those who would victimize us. Common sense says that we can’t have those who are supposed to protect us from predators and others, also behave like criminals and victimize us as well.

So the challenge is to set up a system of guardianship in our communities in which we can safeguard ourselves. We have to create community whose bonds would discourage some of the criminality we see.

Ultimately, we will all have to pitch in and fight and organize to bring about a society in which police violence and community violence in inner cities aren’t as normal as waking up.

And yes the killing in the hood and the killing by the police come from the same source, the ruling class.

It is the rulers that have created the ghetto’s. They have  mis-educated our young people to believe they aren’t “ish,” didnt come from “ish,”  and have come from a people that aint nothing and have no history, no future, or even a culture (except a so-called “culture of poverty”). Its why some folks are quick to tell Black folks to “go back to Africa” cause the fool despite having  all kinds of stuff that has African origins doesn’t think anything is in Africa. Hell their  pre-modern ancestors originated from Africa.

So these young people are under-educated and mis-educated by people who they know don’t like them. They grow up in a community that screams inferior, second rate, less than. They are denied jobs and locked up for almost any reason, with no effort by the system to rehabilitate or point them in the right direction.

They wind up discouraged and open to joining groups that claim that their real enemy is folks down the street who look like them, but display different signs and where different clothes. They are convinced they have nothing to live for, because they for all practical purposes they don’t. Mad at the world for ripping them off,filled with internal self hatred, he is a walking time bomb. And then the man adds to their woes by supplying them with self hatred, drugs and guns.

Add to that the corporate music heads like cannibalistic, hustling, profiteers who pump in music, like some sick anti human Musac that encourages more hatred of themselves and even their women.

Make that n–er a chalk outline in the street;sell dope to those ni–ers; F–k your women and make sure “you ain’t lovin dem hoes;” And get “racks and racks and racks” get stacks by any means necessary, preferably by exploiting fellow n–rs. And make sure you buy everything; cars, diamonds, gold, clothes, wine, champagne the MAN sells cause this, yes this is what will define your worth as a human being!

And middle class folks who claim to be smart, educated and refined, will blame him, the damned victim! But he didn’t do this to himself. He didn’t plant the seed of doubt,inferiority and mistrust. The system did that.

So it is this system, (the same one that existed before Trump) that created police violence and inner city violence.Trump just took the gloves off.

If we are to survive we will have to fight back. Sacrifices will have to be made old assumptions, old paths, old parties( yes the damned Democrats), old out of date organizations will have to be laid aside.

And like any army going to war we will have to have a clear analysis of what we are up against and a real understanding of the enemy. Victory will depend on what you know, not what we “think”, what we “feel”, what we “believe.” And make no mistake it will come in conflict with those who profit and benefit from things as they are: “where we gonna go where we gonna find a Massa better than this,” they will say.


We must resist (intelligently) or else!

justice then peace

White Christian minister terrorist plot blacked out by Big Business media


The Trump White House making up stories about a fake Bowling Green massacre, while ignoring minister Robert Doggart’s plot to murder dozens of Muslims in upstate New York, is designed to detract and deflect from stories like Doggart’s, stories of real domestic terrorism in the US committed by some Whites against Muslims, Black folks and other people because of their color/religion/national origin.

And don’t be duped, the Big Business (MSM) while pretending to push back have been compliant in this effort.The alternative press’ Daily Beast kept this story in the public’s eye.

Christian minister and former Congressional candidate Robert Doggart is currently on trial in federal court in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a 2015 plot to kill dozens of Muslims in upstate Hancock, New York.

Doggart, 65, was caught in 2015 and even though he was recorded actually planning an attack on Islamberg, a village in Hancock, a judge initially ruled it wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge him with a crime. The government eventually charged him with solicitation to burn down a mosque, solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and solicitation to commit arson of a building.

However he was not charged with a hate crime, or with terrorism, nor conspiracy to commit murder and was released to the custody of relatives while awaiting trial, to the chagrin of many in the Muslim community who protested the obvious double standard.

But a quick internet search reveals that neither CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC, the New York Times nor Washington Post and not even NPR has given the trial a mention. And this can’t be blamed on Trump, he didn’t order their silence or complicity in this news black out.

Incidentally, Islamberg is a predominantly Black enclave. It’s also home to “The Muslims of America” a group, according to its website that, “primarily consists of African American Sunni who are indigenous Americans with Islamic roots spanning four generations. The first generations were mainly converts from various branches of Christianity.”

Doggart was quoted as saying in telephone conversations recorded by the FBI, “If I don’t get [kill] 40 of them, then something’s wrong with me.” Authorities reported that he planned to burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria, in Islamberg. He planned to carry out his attack with Molotov cocktails, M4 rifles, machetes and grenades. The plan was to create as many casualties as possible. “We will be cruel,” he said.

Doggart tried to recruit others in the South to help him carry out his plan. According to the “Chattanooga Times Free Press,” he said that his recruits would be required to take an oath ON THE BIBLE to support the country. “We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God.”

Imagine if the story was reversed, and an Islamic Imam had plotted against White Christians. The story would be blasted all over the internet and splashed on the front pages and online editions of all the major newspapers and would be the lead story on most electronic news broadcasts.

So why wasn’t this heinous plot broadcast far and wide? Because it didn’t fit the “War on Terror” narrative.

Furthermore it describes a plot against Muslims who are African American. The plot also serves as a reminder of the meanness of some White folks. And White folks are tired hearing about the historic criminality, of the Robber Barons, rich White folks, the bourgeoisie, the ruling class folks even though it doesn’t necessarily condemn them. The key words in that phrase are “rich” “bourgeoisie” and “ruling class,” not White.

And maybe it’s because Muslim lives don’t matter in the broader scheme of things. When hundreds of people were killed in ISIS attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey there was little sympathy or empathy expressed in the North American press.. There was no twitter or Facebook love or memes expressing solidarity with or acknowledging the Brown people’s pain. Or maybe just maybe if we are honest, the phrase Brown people is an oxymoron. And Black people…

It also turns the truth on its head. Yes there have been attacks by unhinged people who practice Islam But it is the US government that has seemingly declared war on Islam. Trump has merely taken off the veil and eliminated all pretenses.

The Trump administration is crazy like a fox; there is indeed a method to their madness. The US indeed has a history of terrorism but it’s not against White people.But the favored group of choice when it comes to terrorism has always been Black people followed closely by “Colored” folks that is, Indians, Mexicans and Asians and to a lesser extent Jews..

Moreover, to take the focus off the historic victims of racist violence also takes focus off of efforts to stem that violence.

justice then peace