Anti-Muslim Refugee/Immigration ruling: US government, Trump is being very very unfair


So the US government bombs folks’ countries making it almost impossible to live in and then refuses them entry into this country? One administration bombs Muslims it doesn’t like and the other refuses to let them in. Contrary to what most people want to believe both parties are indeed consistent in their anti -Islam stance.
There has been lots of consternation about this, but the truth is the US didn’t let in many Syrian refugees under the last administration. While Europe allowed millions entry, with Germany leading the way, the US has just talked about being benevolent.
Imagine what Syrians must be thinking. Not only was the opposition terrorized by the Assad government but also the fanatical ISIS. The last administration opened the door for ISIS even aiding its growth, even initially enlisting them in their scheming against Assad. And now it is terrorizing parts of the Syrian population.
Truth is there should have been as much outrage about the Obama administration’s drone program as there is about this.
It may not be coincidental that this policy was announced on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Jews were kept out of this country despite the fact that they were facing persecution in 1930’s Nazi Germany because of biases held by this government. As was the case in this instance the message delivered was not subtle at all, rather it was loud and clear. Muslims not wanted! This should dispel folks of any idea of the US government being in the business of humanitarianism.
Furthermore this policy isn’t based on anything real. Not one native of any of the countries named, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen has committed terrorism in the US.
This is purely propaganda! “I think it’s fair to say that refugees coming into the United States to be resettled are some of the most vetted individuals entering the United States,” said Vannina Maestracci a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a briefing after the US government’s announcement.
Those in the Muslim community who voiced their fears about a Trump and possible right wing US administration are having their fears realized. That community will no longer be able to keep its head low and hope everything works out. Their silence in the face of drone attacks against Muslim countries and frame ups of their fellow religious practitioners in this country on made up charges of terrorism, indicates that they have become more American than they realize.
And though we should protest this policy, we should be careful not to align ourselves too closely with those from the other capitalist party, who suddenly have a problem with an anti- Islam move by this government.
One of the leading Democrats calling for mass protests complained that “they are breaking up families now,” while decrying the fact that the Trump administration has practically prevented anyone from the seven countries entry into back into the country. Even those who had previously been granted legal or legal refugee status. Even those with green cards are being denied re –entry.
Their complaints seem a bit shallow and hypocritical, considering the last administration set records for “breaking up families” by deporting thousands. The Obama administration callously sent back thousands of children running from Central American terror squads, drug goons and crippling poverty. It even deported Haitians back to Haiti while it was still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.
Democrats calling for protest and running to the rescue are some of the same folks that supported the bombing and destabilization of Libya. They supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the deliberate interfering that has contributed to the instability of present day Somalia. The same folks who support the Saudi’s proxy invasion of and interference in Yemen. Hmmm Saudi Arabia didn’t make the list!
They are like folks who set a fire and then come running back to help put it out, so they can appear to be the hero, the saviors.
Make no mistake we are in a war and we won’t win it fighting with folks who have a foot on both sides, or who aren’t convinced we are in one. We will either have to organize and come together and begin to see all of us (who aren’t rich or part of the point one percent) as having a common interest and work for a “real” government of and by us, or we will all go down one by one.
To partially paraphrase the famous anti-Nazi Pastor Martin Niemoller, “First they came for the [MUSLIMS] Socialists but I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a Socialist [Muslim] ……..
justice then peace

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