Revisiting the basket of DEPLORABLES


Donald Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he belongs in Hilary Clinton’s basket of deplorables. But what is also becoming more obvious is that this sham of an election belongs in the basket. And sober, honest, introspection should reveal that Clinton should be placed in it as well.

Deplorable is the best word to describe Trumps behavior and his right wing campaign designed to further divide the US population. What other reason could there be for the ruling class to allow him to be the Republican candidate for office? What does Trump have to do to be disqualified?
He is recorded talking about grabbing women by the crotch, nearly calling women whores, while body shaming them publicly. He has picked on handicapped folks, denigrated and questioned a judges ability to be impartial solely on the basis of their ethnicity, engaged in name calling, incited violence against those who disagree with him at his rallies, engaged in shoddy business practices, discriminated against tenants, used his money to unfairly condemn innocent teenagers. What hasn’t he done?
Could it be that he was foisted upon us as the wolf so that the fox Clinton would look more palatable? It’s starting to become the only thing that makes sense.
Clintons’ failings, while not being as obnoxious should also raise concerns. Her judgment seems questionable at best consider her choice of spouse; Bill (Slick Willie)Clinton(a constant philander)and friends including Madeline Albright who thought starving out Iraqi children was a price worth paying to make a political point.
Clinton who is the fox in this game of chose your favorite predator, has the real record of being a warmonger. (while many are preoccupied with Trump’s finger on the switch). She voted for the Patriot Act and for war on Iraq. As Secretary of State she meddled in Syria helping to foment the present conflict. She called for and supporting the bombing and destruction of what used to be Libya. Of that conflict she said, “We came, we saw, we conquered.” When the US was trying to figure out what to do about Wiki-Leaks and Julian Assange she asked, “Can’t we use a drone on him?”
The Clinton’s shady dealings are too long to list here. The email issue is a real one but what tells you all you need to know about the Clintons and Hilary is the fact that they used the Clinton Foundation to exploit Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010. Look it up most people would be embarrassed. But not Hilary.
Clinton correctly labeled deplorable; xenophobia, Islamaphobia, homophobia, racism and sexism. While pointing her finger at the Trump supporters (which no doubt includes a healthy share of bigots), she skillfully avoided condemning the source of these prejudices, the system the propagator of these biases. The same system that has foisted on us possibly the biggest sham of an election this country has ever seen.
Ultimately, it is the system which taught, prodded and indoctrinated, propagandized, and stupefied these folks into hating their fellow human beings, which is truly deplorable and irredeemable.
Moreover, focus on Trump supporters puts the onus on the branch and not the root of the tree. This too is divisive, it separates and divides and implies that people who have in common working for a living will never see eye to eye.
No doubt if you are a woman some sexism can get on your last nerve, if you are gay, homophobes can try your patience, if you are an immigrant it is annoying dealing with xenophobic Americans, if you practice Islam there are times when one may feel like they are always having to justify themselves and if you are Black well……. you know all the above adjectives apply.
But the truth is some simply don’t know any better (notice some have embraced being deplorable) they have been effectively, tricked, hoodwinked, brainwashed duped by American propaganda as propagated by the US corporate press. To do better one has to know better.
Deplorable is a fit description of the Big Business, corporate press, which forfeited any creditibility it may have had, with its coverage of Trump. For the sake of dollars, they regurgitated the ranting’s of this demagogic hustler, like pigs eating slop, like dogs eating their own poop. They fed us a steady diet of this divisiveness. It was all Donald, all the time, because it was good for business. The president of CBS is on record saying as much.
While Trump encourages division and bigotry, Hilary exacerbates it by further driving a wedge between the misled and those who have at least kept their biases in check. Us vs. them does not bode well for any of us that have to work for a living.
Yes I am aware of those who say this two party system is the best there is, but we should all find that idea deplorable considering the present state of things.
justice then peace



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